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Tanya Slater

Tanya Slater, IJA, Nash Academy
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Tanya has been a leader at the Nash Academy in Lexington, Kentucky since its very beginning. Both protege and daughter of Vivian and the late John Nash, Tanya now holds the position of President of the Nash Academy and Nash, Inc. With her many years of experience in the pet care industry, including the development of the online courses and programs, Tanya will be instrumental in creating and implementing new methods to teach the art of bathing, grooming and styling dogs with professionalism. 

Tanya literally grew up in the dog grooming industry, and her dedication to and bond with the industry is profound. She is a gifted and inspiring teacher of dog grooming and styling with safe and gentle handling, and has been a driving force in the development of the canine first aid and CPR, technical skills safety and salon safety certification programs offered by the Universal Canine Certification System, utilizing the Nash System of Education, and the first of its kind to prepare the dog bathing, grooming and styling profession for state licensing.

Tanya has been involved since the inception of the International Judges Association for Dog Grooming Competition in 1998, and as President continues to strive to offer the most fair and educational competitions in the industry. She is currently working with the International Judges Association (IJA) and the Universal Canine Certification System (UCCS) to offer pure breed certification by coat types using the Nash System of Education. 

Tanya has, her entire life, had a deep love of animals. Now, that is only exceeded by her devotion to her family, including her beautiful daughter, Sydney, who represents the third generation of the Nash Academy and the International Judges Association for Dog Grooming Competitions and its continuing desire to promote compassion and artistry in the pet care professions.

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