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Oath of IJA Judge

"I accept the position of IJA Judge, and in doing so will represent the International Judges Association as a distinguished  member of the Panel of Judges.  I acknowledge that the continued success of IJA is dependant on the panel’s capacity for unity and so agree to adopt the standards, policies and procedures elected by the panel majority, regardless of personal opinion. 


In addition I promise; 

To conduct my role as IJA judge with integrity and dignity, regarding people and dogs with courtesy, respect, patience and compassion. 

To forward the IJA goal of consistency in grooming and judging standards by willingly sharing my professional expertise. 

To provide mentorship and support for fellow judges and contestants demonstrating special concern for the novice. 

To practice gentle handling techniques with people and dogs. 

To improve my knowledge of the grooming industry by participating in continued education that meets or exceeds IJA guidelines."


New judges must take the Oath of an IJA Judge after acceptance. 


An IJA judge is or has been a professional dog bather, groomer and stylist. 


An IJA judge is very knowledgeable in the art of professional dog bathing, grooming and styling and exhibits integrity.


An IJA judge enters a ring with an open mind, listens to each and every opinion of the other members of the judges' panel, and works well with others on a team. 

IJA Judge Profile
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