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IJA Judge's Membership

Annual Renewal

$250  Special $199


$75 per year


Online Courses
  • Bathing, Grooming, and Styling Man’s Best Friend by Coat Type

  • Canine Skin and Hair

  • About the Canine Coat

  • About the 20 Coat Types

  • Hair Growth Patterns - Determined and Undetermined Hair Growth

  • Canine Styling Anatomy and Structure


  • Coat Types Certification: Trim Styles

  • Coat Types Certification: Technical Skills

  • Coat Types Certification: Pure Breeds​

Oath of IJA Judge

I hereby accept the esteemed role of an IJA Judge and, in doing so, pledge to uphold the reputation of the International Judges Association as an esteemed member of the Panel of Judges. I acknowledge that the enduring success of the IJA hinges upon the unity of our panel and commit to adhering to the standards, policies, and procedures determined by the majority, regardless of personal viewpoints.


I solemnly vow:

1. To carry out my duties as an IJA Judge with unwavering integrity and grace, treating individuals and their canine companions with courtesy, respect, patience, and compassion.

2. To actively contribute to the IJA's mission of promoting consistency in grooming and judging standards by willingly sharing my professional expertise.

3. To offer mentorship and support to my fellow judges and contestants, focusing on nurturing the development of newcomers to the field.

4. To employ gentle and humane handling techniques when interacting with people and dogs.

5. To continually enhance my knowledge of the grooming industry by engaging in ongoing education that aligns with or surpasses the guidelines set forth by the IJA.


Newly appointed judges must take the Oath of an IJA Judge upon acceptance.

An IJA judge possesses or has a professional dog bathing, grooming, and styling background.

An IJA judge boasts profound expertise in the art of professional dog bathing, grooming, and styling and upholds the highest standards of integrity.

An IJA judge approaches their role with an open mind, attentively considering the opinions of their fellow panel members, and collaborates effectively within a team.

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