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Kim Baker

Tanya Slater, IJA, Nash Academy

Kim Baker, a native of Harrodsburg, Kentucky joined Nash Academy in 2006 and found her place in the workforce as Director of the Nash Academy and enjoys her job responsibility of overseeing all school operations! 

Kim is the Director of Enrollments and assists students from around the world to enroll in our online and onsite courses and programs offered by the Nash Academy. Because the school is known internationally, Kim is responsible for keeping up with all the state, federal and international regulations. The job is challenging but Kim embraces the task and is rewarded daily by receiving thank you emails and calls from future, current, and past graduates. 

Kim understands the importance of staying up to date on state policies and procedures with organizations such as the Workforce Investment Act since she attended college utilizing funding from WIA to further her education and prepare her to handle the job responsibility she currently has at Nash. Her previous work experience as a GED and English as a Second Language Instructor for 16 years prior to coming to Nash also gives Kim the education and background to understand all facets of the school business. 

Kim has 2 daughters and is the proud grandmother of 6 ranging from age three to twelve. She has a cat named Bitsy and her favorite breed is the Yorkshire Terrier. She loves all types of music and spends her summer weekends motorcycle riding and boating and is a member of Patriot Guard Riders who honor enlisted men and veterans.

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