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Coach: Jennifer Anders

Jennifer Anders accepts the role of the USA Live Dog and Model Dog Top Ten Traveling Team Coach and Mentor.

The team is honored to have Jennifer with her outstanding accomplishments in the industry with Best in Show and Best All-Around at the IJA Groom Bowl, the super bowl of the grooming industry. 


Jennifer is also one of the original USA Model Dog team members!  She participated in the first IJA Model Dog Championship event at the Pittsburgh Pet Expo in 2017. She competed in 2018 with the team in South Korea taking Best Country Team in Show in Creative Trims.

In 2019 the USA Model Dog Team achieved the Best in Show in Creative and Pure Breeds at the IJA World Championship Model Dog Competition in Taiwan. 


Jennifer is experienced in facets of the industry.  She is a Poodle breeder, shows in the conformation ring and operates a grooming salon, daycare and boarding facility with retail.

Emily Shannon - USA Model Dog Team Co-captain
Denise Mahan - USA Model Dog Team Co-captain


Profile of IJA Team Captain 

The profile of an IJA Model Dog and Live Dog Team Captain is a leader and team player with excellent organization, negotiation and communication skills to assist USA Model Dog Team during their quest to be the best on the international stage. 

How to Qualify for the USA Teams 

Compete in IJA Online Competitions

Competitors submit entries online via the IJA Virtual World Grooming Competitions in the summer or fall session to receive their placements, level, and tier in the pure breed trim style competition or the free style trims for dogs competition or the creative competitions.

  • VWGC Sessions: Your top 6 entries from the Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter sessions will be considered

Competitors can submit and complete entries or resubmit entries in the Fall Session to achieve the highest level and tier before the onsite competitions at the IJA Groom Bowl. 


Compete in IJA Onsite Competitions

Competitors must compete at the IJA Show at the Pittsburgh Pet Expo in the Groom Bowl on a state or best friend’s dream team to exhibit their team playing skills as well as their grooming and styling.


Competitors must compete in pure breeds, free style, or creative competition as team players to complete their onsite requirements. 

  • 3 Entries in Pure Breed, Free Style or Creative Competitions

Encourage Continued Education and Competitions

Team Captains promote and encourage competitors to participate in IJA State Qualifying Competitions and Championship Training Events to create outstanding skills in all phases of competing with the model dogs. 


Venue Qualification Competition Locations
The Team Captains assist in locating facilities to conduct the qualification and training competitions.


The Dog Team Captains assists team members to secure local and state sponsorship to cover expenses. 


  • Travel

  • Lodging

  • Food

  • Uniforms

  • Banners

Competition State Team Uniform

USA Team Captains will be on the IJA committee to determine the rules, policies, and procedures for state team uniforms. 


USA Team Captains will be on the committee to determine rules, policies, and procedures for banners in reference to size, color, and the information on the banner.

Rules, Policies, and Procedures for Country Team

The USA Team Captains will be on committee for rules, policies and procedures for country, team and competitions.

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