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Tedra grew up in Dallas City, Illinois, a small fishing and farming community on the Mississippi River. As a young girl she raised goats, chickens for fresh eggs, rabbits, and rode horses every day. Her best friend’s dad was a vet so inadvertently, Tedra was also raised in a veterinary clinic and able to help with large animal farm calls working with horses, cattle and swine. Tedra was also lucky enough to live in Australia for a year as an exchange student. While there she did extensive traveling through Australia, Singapore & Thailand experiencing different lifestyles and cultures. She worked extensively in the bean fields over her summers. Tedra graduated at the age of 17 and went off to college and worked in the hotel industry while studying Wildlife Biology, Geography, & Geology and a minor in English. 

A National Certified Master Groomer and owner of Peavine Lane Pet Spa in Fort Madison, IA. She is a third generation pet professional and business owner, starting with her grandparents who raised and showed dogs of many breeds. Her parents then went on to specialize in English Bulldogs. Tedra now breeds Standard Poodles. She studied Wildlife Biology in college but left early right before her last year to be with her terminally ill mother. This hard decision set her on a path that would lead to the most rewarding career of a lifetime. After moving closer to home she found a job working at PAW Animal Shelter in Fort Madison, Iowa. While working at the shelter she also found a job as Veterinary Assistant at Parkview Veterinary Clinic, where she also began her training to become a groomer. After being trained on the job for a few months, she found grooming seminars and decided to pursue her Master Grooming Certification with the National Dog Groomers Association. After 8 years working as a vet assistant and groomer she opened her own shop in 2006 which is on its way to outgrowing a 2nd expansion. 

Tedra also served as board member and President of The Iowa State Professional Dog Groomers Association for many years, helping to put on The Midwest Groomfest in Des Moines, Iowa. She enjoys putting on the shows working behind the scenes. She has also provided competition and demo dogs to many grooming shows across the country. Tedra decided to try her hand at grooming competitions many years ago and although she has placed she has found her real passion is to teach and build up the grooming industry through education, professionalism & motivation. 

Tedra is currently passing her love for animals to her 3 boys who love helping out in the shop and on the road. Aside from the pet industry Tedra and her family have been involved in their hometown theater group, The Old Fort Players. Participating in plays and volunteering behind the scenes. She and her boys are also heavily involved in Swim Team. Tedra has been a Level 1 Official for YMCA Swim Meets for about 4 years. Tedra also has opened up her shop to help young people from the local high schools to get on the job training and for those with special needs. She believes every young person has a place and purpose in this world and should have the chance to experience every possibility.

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