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Dream the Dream Team

Remember we were just like you and had big-time dreams too! 

First, we dreamed about winning in local competitions.

We were searching for a system to give us THE DREAM, to challenge us to grow and to show our new levels of expertise.


IJA arrived on the scene with the Dare to Be Different Team and a Dream Maker as the Leader, Vivian Nash, co-founder of IJA.  The state - regional - national competition system created the dream and we all accepted the challenge and followed.

IJA TEAM Challenging One Country at a Time

So now we start the process again on an international scale, on the international stage around the world, to be the best. The IJA Top Ten Team will be challenging one country at a time with the IJA Sanctioned World Wide Country Challenge.


IJA Makes Dreams Come True

Yes, our dreams came true with the IJA Steps to Success Competition System in the USA and around the world.

We all wanted international recognition in the competition arena as superstars, and to travel the world to share our knowledge and expertise, and to understand theirs.​

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