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Onsite IJA State Team Information

Live and Model Dogs

 Team Members Live Dog

  • Pure Breed and Free Style Competitions 4 Team Members

 Team Members Live Dogs

  • Creative Styling Competitions 1 Team Member

 Team Members Model Dogs

  • Pure Breed Competitions and Free Style Competitions 4 Team Member

 Team Members Model Dog

  • Creative Styling Competitions 2 Team Members


State Team Captain Qualifications and Responsibilities

State Team Captain Qualifications

The state team captain and co-captain oversee the team. The captains must be leaders and great team players with excellent organization, negotiation, and communication skills to assist their team in bringing home the gold in State, Regional, and National Competitions.

How to Submit: State Team Captain

State team captains submit their state team registrations for Live Dog or Model Dog Competitions. The current onsite team has the first chance to renew each year.  

Live Dog $100 Registration Fee and Banner Fee for Competition Ring

  • Pure Breed

  • Free Style

  • Creative

Model Dog $100 Registration Fee and Banner Fee for Competition Ring

  • Pure Breed

  • Free Style

  • Creative

State Team Captain and Co-Captain Responsibilities

Study - Know - Understand

State captains and co-captains understand IJA events, rules, policies, and procedures relating to the state - regional - national, and international competitions. 


Organize - Participate - Events

State team captains and co-captains organize and participate in events with other team captains and competitors to prepare for Regionals and Nationals. 


Secure and Supply Competition Dogs

State team captains work directly with breeders, competitors, and other state team captains to secure high-quality competition dogs. Great competition dogs result in wins when it comes to live dog competitions.

Search and Find and Secure Sponsorship

Team captains secure and promote local and state sponsorships to assist with overall expenses connected with competing on the national stage. Captains also play a huge role in promoting the events to encourage and secure industry sponsorship.


Secure and Maintain Accurate Team Member Information

Captains are responsible for securing state team member data to complete team processing procedures for events.


Collect Required Deposits and Fees

Captains are responsible for securing deposits and fees from team members.


Team Expenses - National Events

Captains secure sponsorship to cover expenses for the logo, banner, and team uniforms. 


Qualification Competitions Onsite Venue
The facility to conduct qualification competitions must be designed to accommodate the competition dogs' bathing, drying, and styling.  

Qualify Online 

Online qualifications are available for competitors that are not able to attend onsite qualification events. Before and after photos are submitted to IJA for the judges to evaluate the competitors and give a level 1 novice, level 2 master, level 3 expert, or level 4 specialist score.

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