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Rescue Me Team Groom Bowl

The IJA Rescue Me Teams will consist of four members. All members will participate in the competition and pay the $99.00 entry fee.


Each team will receive a total of three dogs from the following categories.

  • Short and Sassy

  • Furry and Fabulous

  • Stacked and Styled


The objective is to create the ultimate visual. The judging considerations are technical skills, overall trim styles, handling, and compassion for the pets.

  • Teams receive equal bathing time in the Mobile Vans during the 3-hour time frame.

  • Dogs will be placed in Short and Sassy, Furry and Fabulous and Stacked and Styled. 

  • IJA Rescue Me Competitions Rules Policies and Procedures


Three of the four competitors are assigned dogs. The fourth competitor acts as a team captain

and assistant to be there for their team to help secure the pets to maintain the most compassionate

and a safe environment for sheltered pets.


Captains are also there to help their team members bathe and groom to finish the dogs. 

No Team - No Problem

IJA can connect you with other competitors to create a team. 


Limited Space is available.

Rescue Me: Rules

Rescue Me: Procedures

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