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Pure Breed & Free Style FAQs  

What is IJA Sanctioned Qualifying Competitions? 
IJA Sanctioned Qualifying Competitions are just what they say there are; competitions by class categories conducted by IJA for competitors to score and achieve a Level 3 Rank or Higher to be eligible to participate and "try out" for their state team.

To qualify to compete in your state team competitions you must:
Compete in IJA Sanctioned Qualifying Competitions at any of the Pet Expo Events.

Achieve a Level 2 Master Rank or Higher in a specific coat type category. Competitors can also qualify for more than one coat type category. 

What type of classes will be offered at the qualifying competitions? 
Pure Breed and Free Style Classes are conducted each day at qualifying competitions to give the competitor the opportunity to achieve Level 2 Master Ranking or Higher in the different coat type category classes. 

How do I qualify to be on my state team? 
After you have achieved a Level 2 Rank or Higher in a coat type category you are now eligible to compete in your State Team Qualifying Competitions to see if you make the team. 

Can I participate in other competitions that are not IJA in the USA and still be a member of the IJA State Team? 
Yes, absolutely. We encourage all competitors to be the best that they can be and participate in various types of competitions to showcase their talent.

Where will the competitions take place to try out for the team to be held?
IJA Sanctioned State and Regional Competitions will be conducted throughout the USA in conjunction with IJA Events that are currently being held at Family Pet Expos. IJA will also conduct competitions at grooming schools, boarding kennels, and other pet care facilities to accommodate competitors throughout the USA. A list of events and locations will be posted on the IJA Calendar of Events.


If selected to be on the state team, can I compete in more than one competition coat type? 
IJA offers 4 coat type categories in both Pure Breed and Free Style Competitions. Competitors can qualify in all coat type categories. IJA also offers a Specialty Class for Poodles in the Pure Breed Competitions and Asian Styling Specialty Class in the Free Style Competitions can also qualify in this category. 

Who is involved in a state team? 
The state team consists of a state team captain, state team co-captain, and team members. 

What is the minimum number of competitors that can make up a state team? What is the maximum number of members? 
The minimum number of competitors to create a state team is 3. The maximum number of competitors on a state team is 7.
Why is the requirement by the coat type category? 
To create the best all-around competition team, there must be Level 3 Rank or Higher in all coat types. If not, the team could consist of just curly coat type specialists and no wire coat or sporting coat type specialists. 

Do state teams receive assistance from IJA?
Yes. The IJA Team, including the IJA Judges, will assist state coordinators and competitors to be the best to create a very talented team. State coordinators organize educational seminars conducted by IJA Judges. 

After I compete in the state team competitions and qualify to be on the team and then compete in the regional and national competitions, do I qualify to be on the team for the next year? 

To ensure fairness and equal opportunity to all, competitors must qualify each year to compete in the State Team Competition. Your score and rank achieved at the State, Regional and National Competitions can qualify you to compete in your state competition the following year if you achieve a Level 2 Master Rank or Higher.

Does this mean IJA will conduct qualifying competitions every year for new competitors to qualify so that they can participate in the state competitions?

Yes, IJA will host qualifying competition throughout the year so if a competitor does not make the rank and score high enough to try out for the state team, he or she can work hard to qualify for the next year. 

Does this mean team members are replaced annually?  
Yes. For example, a competitor can successfully make the team but then be replaced by another competitor who scores and ranks higher at the state qualifying competition? 

If selected as a competitor for my State Team, how many competitions must I attend annually?  
State team members will be required to compete in the Regional and National Competitions.

What type of competitions and competition classes will be offered at the state, regional and national competitions?

Pure Breed Competitions 

  • Multitude (all other coat types) 

  • Sporting

  • Wire 

  • Curly 

  • Poodles - Specialty Class for Individual Pure Breeds


Free Style Competitions 

  • Multitude (all other coat types),

  • Sporting

  • Wire 

  • Curly 

  • Asian Styling - Speciality Class for all coat types pure breeds and mixed breeds

If I qualify for the state team, what are the costs, besides my travel expenses to the shows? 
The state coordinator is responsible as well as all team members to help secure sponsorship to cover expenses. All state members are encouraged to provide potential sponsors to their State Captain to assist with securing sponsorship for their team. In the event that the state coordinator cannot secure all of the necessary sponsorship required, all team members including the state coordinator will be responsible for their own expenses to travel to the shows, and to purchase uniforms and a team banner. 

If I qualify for the state team and I cannot attend the regional competition, what are the consequences to my team members? 
Your team member is not compromised. Your team can substitute a "running dog" team member to take your place at the regional competitions. If your team qualifies to continue on to the National Competitions, you will be eligible to participate in the national competitions.

If there is not a team in my state, can I try out for another state? 
No, you must represent the state you live in. You can represent your state by competing as an "Individual" until your state is able to secure a state coordinator and organize a team. You still go through the same steps. You must first qualify with a Level 2 Rank or Higher at a qualifying competition and then compete in the State, Regional, and National Competitions.  

How many regions in the USA?  How many states in each region? What states are included in each region?
There are 10 regions and 5 states per region.

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