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Seoul, South Korea
Competition Dates
April 21 - 23, 2023


IJA, the International Judges Associaton for Dog Grooming Competitions, the Nash Academy Dog Grooming School, and Nash System Universal Certification and Credentialing System for Pet Care Professionals announces the Nash System International Educational Exchange.

The first tour will be in April 2023, to Seoul, South Korea, hosted by our close friends at the Korean Kennel Club


Nash Team Members, Nash Students, Graduates, IJA Members, Teams, and Judges will have the opportunity to participate in grooming and conformation events, tour local schools and salons, and attend seminars to exchange ideas with other pet care professionals from around the world. 


The trip to Seoul to participate in the Korea Kennel Club Event in April 2023 will be approximately nine days, including two days for travel. 


Listed below is the itinerary draft with days set aside for school visits with seminars and the salon tour with a day at the spa and shopping or sightseeing! 


Additional fees are listed to give everyone an idea of the overall expense of the trip. 



April 17th - April 19th: Travel and rest days

April 20th: Prep competition dogs

April 21st - April 23rd: Competition days

April 24th - April 26th: Sightseeing days (Visit local salons and schools)

April 27th: Head home



The hotel allows 3 - 4 people in a room with a kitchen and washer/dryer. This is the same hotel the team stayed in 3 years ago, and Jennifer Anders can give us more detailed information. Check it out for the current pricing. 


Model Dogs Pricing - Pending

We are waiting for the price of the model dogs and the wigs from Petos.


Spa Day 

Everyone will have the opportunity for a spa, shopping, or sightseeing day at the beginning or end of the trip. Discussing this with our team and the KKC and will keep everyone updated. 




A chance of a lifetime to attend this model dog seminar conducted by international champions from the USA, Canada, and South Korea. 


The IJA Super Stars from the first USA Model Dog Team, Jennifer Anders, Emily Shannon (team captain), Erin Martin, Monica Taylor, and Alyssa Kasiba, will be featured along with current model dog champion Larissa Kalinina from Canada and superstars from the Korean Kennel Club Model Dog Team.  


IJA Competitors for model dogs will participate in the first international model dog seminar in Seoul, South Korea, in April 2023. 


ANNOUNCING the first in the industry SHOW RING SEMINAR WITH THE WORLD'S CHAMPIONS! You will love this seminar if you are interested in showing in the conformation ring! William Duran, Director of the Nash Academy Dog Grooming School from the USA, and Randy Yoo from South Korea, both internationally known for their outstanding handling skills and knowledge, will share their secrets to success and compare the difference in showing in the USA and South Korea.  


William Duran and Randy Yoo, with other IJA Judges from the Korean Kennel Club, will be part of the judging team. 

Who Can Go?

Students, Graduates, Competitors, and Teams. The Korean Kennel Club will accommodate everyone. 


If you are a past team member and are interested in participating in live dog competitions or model dog competitions, please get in touch with us at Follow us on Facebook…

Estimates for Cost of Flights

Flights from NYC to Seoul are approximately $1,000

Flights from smaller airports to New York are $500 

The flight will range from $1500 to $2,000


Listed below are the tentative competitions during the Korean Kennel Club Event. 

There will be a chance for individuals and the model dog teams to compete all three days. 


Day 1: April 21, 2023, Model Dogs Creative Team

Day 1: Groom Live Dog and Present in the Conformation Ring


Day 2: April 22, 2023, Model Dogs Pure Breed Team

Day 2: Groom Live Dog and Present in the Conformation Ring


Day 3: April 23, 2023, Model Dogs Contest for Champions *Individual Competitions for Past Champions! 

Day 3: Groom Live Dog and Present in the Conformation Ring


If you are interested in participating in the event, contact us at

Facebook Profiles to follow:
Korean Kennel Club
Anne Park  (works with KKC)
Vivian Nash (IJA Co-founder)
Emily Shannon (IJA Model Dog Team Captain)
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