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Model Dog Competition Schedule

The model dog world championship competition tour has expanded to 5 days making it the most progressive competition and educational event in the pet industry. 


Meet and Greet Day

The events begin with a meet and greet conducted for all teams to gather to prepare their model dogs and for teams, judges, and country leaders to get to know each other. Food and beverages are supplied by the hosting country. All country judges are required to attend this event to monitor the preparation of the model dogs and to answer questions and modify competition rules, if necessary, to continue to make this the most dynamic event in the dog grooming competition world! 


Competition Days 

The competitions consist of 3 days of pure breed, free style, and creative styling competitions. Best in class awards are conducted at the end of each day. All model dogs in the competition remain in the arena on display until the final awards and best in the show. This creates a breathtaking visual for spectators, competitors, and judges. It allows judges to evaluate the model dogs throughout the competition to choose the best in show and teams to compare their work against other members and teams. 

Critique Day

What the judges look for and how to create the ultimate pure breed expressions and profiles. Judges, competitors, and country team leaders gather after the competitions to compare and discuss the differences and the similarities in the trends in the conformation and creative world to educate judges and competitors to form international teams of judges and competitors. 

This new education concept created by Vivian Nash, cofounder of IJA, will take competitors and judges to the top. To be an international competitor or judge, the individual must be trained on international styles. A conformation trim presented in the USA can be slightly different than the same trim presented in Europe or Asia. 

IJA Leading the World in New and Innovative Ideas in the Competition Arena 

Day 1

AM Competitions Pure Breed and Free Style

Conformation Trim Styles for the Poodle

  1. English Saddle

  2. Continental

  3. Puppy 1 FCI

  4. Puppy 2 Scandinavian

  5. Puppy AKC

Day 2 

AM Competitions Pure Breed and Free Style

Poodle Banded Trim Styles

  1. Sweetheart

  2. Dutch

  3. Spiral

  4. Desi

  5. Town and Country


Day 3

AM Competitions Pure Breed and Free Style

Pure Breed and Free Style Trims

  1. Modern

  2. German

  3. Asian

  4. Bichon

  5. Bedlington Terrier

Creative Creations 80% of the overall creations must be in one of the categories. Model Dog Team Members choose theme before competition to prepare required color coloring and decorative items as well as props. 

Day 1

PM Competitions Creative Creations

  1. Abstract Lines, Shapes and Swirls: Example: Paisley Prints

  2. Objects: Example: Robot - DogShopkins - Thomas the Train

  3. Places: Example:  Sea Shore - Sky - Vegas - Nashville - Grooming Salon 

  4. People Real Life or Fantasy Example: Example Real:  Trump - Elvis - Sleeping Beauty - Cinderella

  5. Holiday Themes and Schemes: Example: Christmas - Valentine - Easter - New Year

Day 2

PM Competitions Creative Creations

  1. Animal Instincts - Real: Example: Buffalo - Zebra - Elephant -Mix of All

  2. Animal Instincts - Cartoon Characters Imaginary: Example: Mickey Mouse

  3. Animal Instincts - Creatures and Monsters on Land and Sea: Example: Loch Ness - Octopus - Dinosaur - Big Foot

  4. Animal Instincts - Mythical Creatures: Example: Unicorn

  5. Animal Instincts - Birds, Reptiles and Insects: Example: Owl - Eagle - Hawk - Snakes -  Lizards- Alligators

Day 3

PM Competitions Creative Creations

Gardens In the Jungle

Gardens in the Desert or African Plains

Gardens with Flowers, Birds, Butterflies and Bees

Gardens in a Tropical Paradise

Gardens Under the Sea

The World Championship Model Dog Competition Tour Concept was designed and created by Vivian Nash, CoFounder of IJA. 

All policies and procedures and concepts are original and the property of the IJA and Vivian Nash. 

Copyright 2017

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