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The First Model Dog World Championship Competition Tour is an International Sensation!

IJA does it again when it comes to innovative ideas to achieve the most exciting and fair competition arena in the grooming world by using model dogs!


The mission is to search and find the best pure breed specialists from around the world. Different pure breeds will be required at each event to create a system to allow everyone to participate in this new and exciting competition. After photos will be taken to capture the model dogs from all angles to allow IJA Judges to vote and award competitors in the different pure breed categories.


First Stop of the Tour
The worldwide tour started at the Pittsburgh Pet Expo in 2017 in the USA, and will continue in 2018 in April in South Korea and October in Taiwan. In 2019 the tour will travel to China and one more country! If you would like to conduct a model dog competition in your country or send a team to one or more of our events, please contact us at

IJA First Organization to Set Competition Standards

The International Judges Association for Dog Grooming Competition (IJA) is the first in the industry to offer a series of model dog competitions worldwide. Founded in 1989 by Vivian Nash and the late John Nash, two of the most progressive thinkers in the industry, IJA has created many of the rules, policies and procedures utilized by show promoters around the world to judge live dogs and has now created the manual on judging model dog competitions.


Innovative and New IJA Leads the Way 
Vivian travels the globe judging grooming competitions and believes this will be one of the most exciting events in the industry. She invites all groomers worldwide to join in on this exciting and new competition tour and show the world your talent and expertise in the art of creating beautiful expressions and profiles.

For more information about creating a team to compete in the Championship Tour or if you are interested in qualifying for a country team, contact us

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