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The Model Dog Team Competitors can choose to take completed model dogs back to their salons to display their works of art or choose to be a part of the Model Dog Artist Auction - Adoption Event. 


The talented and creative model dog competitors will create beautiful and intricate works of art at the IJA show at the Pittsburgh Pet Expo November 12 -14, 2021.


During the three-day event, the model dogs will be displayed for bidding. 


The artists and their model dog art will be a part of the dog grooming competition history, so purchasing or owning a piece will be a great treasure. In addition, the model dog art can be preserved and showcased in protective display cubes. 


How Does it Work?
  • Competitors sign up for auction during registration or check-in.

  • Artists sign their model dogs. 

  • Bidding begins at $99 each.

  • The highest bid takes the model dog.

  • Money paid for model dogs goes back to the competitors.


Model dog grooming and styling was brought back to the industry in 2015 by Vivian Nash, owner of the Nash Academy Dog Grooming School and IJA, the International Judges Association for Dog Grooming Competitions. 


Interested in competing or hosting a country competition?

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