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  JOHN NASH Memorial True Hero Scholarship

 Changing the Life of a Rescue Organization Volunteer Is What Nash Academy Aspires to do Here


 The John Nash Memorial True Hero Scholarship is the opportunity for one person to train for a career in pet grooming or maybe a second career. Our   commitment to safety and our training style focuses on effectively and compassionately handling animals and we believe the best pet groomers are pet   lovers first and foremost. Rescue organizations and their volunteers share this vision and so it is with great pride that we offer these educational   opportunities to “Be All You Can Be, At Nash Academy” – All for the Love of Dogs!

 Scholarship Awarded at the Academy Awards to be held in Pittsburgh November 2019

 Nash Academy is always looking for new ways to make a difference by raising our contribution to rescue groups; the true heroes in our industry and our   world. We love our dogs and we show it! We will award one lucky winner with the chance to make their dreams a reality at the Academy Awards which will   be held Sunday night after the competition in Pittsburgh, PA November 2019. 

 Making a Difference

 The John Nash Memorial – True Hero Scholarship was introduced in 2014 is awarded specifically to rescue organizations at IJA competition events.   However in 2017, we felt it was time to expand our efforts to the World Dog Expo Rescue Honors program as rescue organizations continue to expand their   efforts in helping and caring for sheltered animals every day. Their time, dedication, compassion and love for animals in an inspiration and truly deserve the   honors that they are receiving at this expo event. 

 The John Nash Memorial True Hero Scholarship, is a scholarship to our traditional dog grooming program, and awarded to dedicated and deserving   individual from a rescue organization.


 “We recognize rescue groups all over the world need compassionate pet lovers trained to professionally and safely bathe, groom and style dogs to find   homes and we believe Nash Academy can make a difference by our contribution,” says Vivian Nash.

 The John Nash Memorial – True Hero Scholarship was actually inspired by a rescue dog named Oscar. The rescue group, Angel’s Rest Animal Sanctuary   shared a photo of a sheltered dog named Oscar who needed to be groomed to be adopted and it was truly inspirational. It touched our hearts at Nash and   we knew we could make a difference by offering the scholarship to a rescue group to award to a dedicated employee/volunteer. Yes, rescue groups are the   true heros when it comes to sheltered pets. They dedicate their time and attention to helping find forever homes to pets in need.

 More about Nash Academy, IJA and Our Commitment To Rescue Organizations

 No Dogs Left Behind

 “Since 2013, Nash Academy and International Judges Association has conducted 16 RESCUE ME dog grooming competitions in the USA to help find   homes for sheltered pets with a philosophy that “no dogs are left behind” with competition classes for all coat types,” says Christina Cheak, Marketing and   Event Planner. “From short to smooth and from rough to curly coated, from young to old, and from big and small, we simply Love Them All! It is so   rewarding to watch the compassion as our IJA Competitors bathe, groom and style rescue pets and their expressions when families adopt the pets from the   ring!”

 Changing the Life of a Homeless Pet is as Rewarding as it Gets

 Our efforts do not stop at the pet expo shows. Nash Pet Salon in Lexington, Kentucky has been working closely with Woodstock Animal Foundation, Inc., to   find homes for foster pets. The students at Nash Pet Salon bathe and groom the dogs and cats for FREE. “This is our way of showing our support to foster   parents and our love for animals,” says Tanya Slater, daughter of Vivian Nash and President of Nash Academy.

Nash Academy Traditional Dog Grooming Diploma Program

Online and Onsite - The Perfect Combination In Pet Care Education

Value: $8,900


 At the Nash Academy, we are devoted to the care and well being of all dogs, and we profoundly believe that all dogs deserve loving, forever homes.     We work with and support various rescue organizations, and we realized that offering a scholarship to a rescue organization volunteer, who could   then take his or her Nash knowledge and use it to make dogs in need of rescue beautifully groomed, had to become part of our program. Because   of this, we are offering,  the John Nash Memorial True Hero Scholarship, a full scholarship to our traditional dog grooming program, to a dedicated   individual from a rescue organization. 

 The Nash Academy Traditional Dog Grooming Diploma Program presents the total package in dog bathing, grooming, and styling education.   Designed to provide the knowledge and practical skills necessary to gain employment as a professional dog bather, groomer and stylist, and build   the foundation necessary to “ Be All You Can Be” in the pet care industry.

 Nash Academy Traditional Dog Grooming Diploma Program includes:

  • 9 online instructor driven educational courses

  • 15 weeks of onsite practical skills training (600 Clock Hours)

  Qualifications for Scholarship:

  • Must attend the program at the Nash Pet Salon, the onsite training location for the Nash Academy in Lexington, Kentucky

  • Must be associated with a rescue organization in the USA

  • Winner required to pay for 15 weeks housing. Nash Academy housing available

  • Winner required to purchase own tools

  • Must enroll in the program by January 1, 2020. Classes start monthly

  • Contact Kim Royalty toll free at 1-888-491-2064 to enroll in the Nash Academy using the John Nash Memorial True Hero Scholarship - All For The Love Of Dogs, to be awarded at the Academy Awards Nov 2019.

 How to apply for Scholarship:

 Fill out the form attached and click submit. 

The John Nash Memorial True Hero Scholarship - All For The Love Of Dogs

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