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IJA Partners with KKC to offer Competitions with Certifications by Coat Types

The International Judges Association (IJA) is pleased to announce the 2018 partnership with the Korean Kennel Club (KKC) to offer their Canine Styling Certification by Coat Types to professional bathers, groomers and stylists. The first event was hosted by the KKC on February 25, 2017.


The IJA Team is working with countries around the world to offer a certification that is designed for all levels of expertise and a system that offers individuals seeking to reach the top in their profession to be recognized as a specialist and receive the ultimate title in the pet grooming industry as a Canine Styling Specialist. 


"The certification by specific coat type categories creates the most accurate method of teaching and testing professionals on their skills and knowledge.." says Vivian Nash, owner of the Nash Academy, the grooming school with an international reputation for excellence in education and co-founder of IJA. 


The IJA Universal Canine Certification System, the most progressive method of training and testing professionals in the industry, will raise the standard in the art of professional bathing, grooming and styling for all countries and serves as an excellent certification model to prepare all pet professionals for industry licensing worldwide.


The competitions with certifications use the scoring and ranking system as well as a panel system of judging. Competitors are evaluated by IJA Judges from around the world with international experience in scoring competitors on their technical skills and breed knowledge by the expressions and profiles created on their dogs. Competitors are ranked and scored against an international standard and not by individual country standards making this system the most accurate in the world. 

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