Championship Training Competitions in 2018

National Championship Training - Live Dogs 

IJA announces Championship Training Workshops and Competitions will continue in 2018 to prepare competitors to qualify for their State Team to compete at the National Championship Competitions in Pittsburgh in 2018. Training sessions will be conducted in salons and at the qualifying competitions at the pet expos by the IJA Qualifying and Training Team. 


Before the competition, the IJA Team will evaluate the competition dogs to give competitors suggestions on how to achieve the best expressions and profiles. After the competition, the IJA Team will place the competition dogs and discuss the reason for the placements with the competitors to explain judging considerations for the various body types, coat types and trim styles.


After placements are justified, the IJA team will take each competition dog and complete an overall evaluation to show competitors how to correct or achieve more proper expressions and profiles. All competitors must be members of IJA to  participate in Qualifying Competitions in preparation for the innovative and exciting 2018 State, Regional and National Competitions. 

Championship Training for International Competitions - Model Dogs

IJA will conduct championship training events throughout the USA at salons and pet expos to prepare our pure breed and our creative model dog team for 2 international competitions in 2018. The events will also qualify additional members for the USA Model Dog Competition Team. Some of the events will be partnered with the live dog championship training. A similar schedule will be utilized to score and rank competitors. These training sessions have been promoted by attendees as the most educational events in the industry. 

Training agendas are designed by Vivian Nash, owner of Nash Academy Grooming School and cofounder of IJA. To create the best education experience, the training sessions are offered for Level 1 and Level 2 and for Level 2 and Level 3.  As an educator and school owner for almost 40 years, she believes this type of structure gives the best results. 

Find out more about our championship training, dates and locations go to our IJA Calendar, live dogs or model dogs

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