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Championship Training Workshops


Championship Training Workshops with Competitions with Certifications conducted at the IJA Shows at the Nash Academy in Lexington, KY.


The championship training workshops are conducted by the IJA elite team of judges certified to evaluate, score and rank trim styles by coat types and award placements at IJA Sanctioned Events.

  • Compete to be Top Dog in the Competition Ring

  • Compete to Achieve Top Dog Status in Your Town!

  • Participate in competitions to receive your trim style by coat type certification and ranking. 

  • Participate to receive your safety certification rank and level in the ring. 

  • Participate in qualifying for your state team.


The Choice is Yours!


The onsite hands-on training with a mock competition is famous for creating champions. The education event will be offered in 2024 at IJA Shows at Nash Pet Salon, the onsite training location for Nash Academy and the Nash System of Pet Care Education. IJA will also offer training competitions in salons and schools throughout the USA and worldwide to set and maintain standards in taking care of the skin and coat of man's best friend. 


Step #1

The IJA Elite Training teams take photos of the competition dogs and give competitors suggestions before the start of the mock competition.


Step #2

The IJA Elite Training Team takes the after photos of the competition dogs and completes the evaluations and placement of all competitors.


Step #3

The team makes the real magic happen when they take the next step and conduct the famous IJA Judge Makeovers on the competition dogs. Judges work with each competitor to take the expressions and profiles to the next level. 


Yes, a finished trim! The entire picture. Not bits and pieces from show to show, and you are trying to pull it all together! 


* All entries receive an evaluation and certification trim styles by coat type rank and title of a novice, master, expert, or specialist.


This is what separates IJA from the rest! 
Model Dog Championship Training Workshop
Larissa Kalinina

We are truly honored to welcome the exceptionally talented Larissa Kalinina for a workshop on model dog grooming. Her skills are extraordinary, and her creativity knows no bounds. Join us to broaden your creative horizons at the Model Dog Championship Training Workshop at Nash Pet Salon in Lexington, Kentucky. Larissa will cover everything from the fundamentals of preparing your model dog's wig to the intricate art of sculpting delicate flowers. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity!

Live Dog Championship Training Workshop

Receive training from our esteemed Nash Elite Training Team during our championship training sessions.

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