The Variations and Creations of Man’s Best Friend

Created Over the Years


Pure Breed Specialist Certification


Understand the different forms and their functions to achieve Pure Breed Specialist Status


Understand the Differences and the Similarities to 

Achieve the Status of Canine Styling Specialists Certification


A significant criterion in describing the "Variations and Creations" of the dog is the geometry, by which we make the measurements, proportions, and angles of the dog's body and the ways in which the various breeds differ in terms of this geometry that defines their body types. 



Introducing the Nash System of Pet Care Education Certification Series for the title and rank of a  Pure Breed Specialist knowledgeable in all the many Variations and the Creations of Man’s Best Friend Created by Man Since the Beginning of this Amazing Relationship. 


To achieve the status of a pure breed specialist you must understand the various head and ear types, the different head planes and skull types, the ear types, sets and carriages, neck types, front types, rear types and tail types, sets and carriage and how they relate to the different body types. 


In order to accomplish this task, you must have the various types available to study to compare the similarities and the differences and that is exactly what this class presents. 


The only presentation in the pet care industry designed for the professional in the competition ring and the conformation arena. 


Presented only the Nash System of Pet Care Education Elite Training Team 

The Pure Breed Specialist Certification Program consists of online and onsite training classes to accommodate the different learning methods to help everyone achieve the specialist level and top-dog status. 


Onsite classes offer interaction between your team leader and teammates and the onsite classes are limited with the interaction during all classes with the onsite trainers. 

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