The International Judges Association (IJA) announces the USA Team Captain for the USA Model Dog Team
Jennifer Anders

Profile of IJA Model Dog Team Captain 

The profile of an IJA Model Dog Team Captain is a leader and team player with excellent organization, negotiation and communication skills to assist USA Model Dog Team during their quest to be the best on the international stage. 

Model Dog Qualifying Participation
The USA Model Dog Team Captain participates in Model Dog Team Training Events to help each member achieve maximum potential as a model dog styling competition specialist.  


Encourage Continued Education and Competitions

The USA Model Dog Team Captain promotes and encourages competitors to participate in IJA State Qualifying Competitions and Championship Training Events to create outstanding skills in all phases of competing with the model dogs. 

Venue Qualification Competition Locations
The USA Model Dog Team Captain assist in locating facilities to conduct the qualification and training competitions.


The IJA Model Dog Team Captain assists team members to secure local and state sponsorship to cover expenses. 


  • Travel

  • Lodging

  • Food

  • Uniforms

  • Banners

Competition State Team Uniform

USA Model Dog Team Captain will be on IJA committee to determine the rules, policies and procedures for state team uniforms. 


USA Model Dog Team Captain will be on committee to determine rules, policies and procedures for banners in reference to size, color, and the information on the banner.

Rules, Policies and Procedures for Country Team

The USA Model Dog Team Captain will be on committee for rules, policies and procedures for country, team and competitions.