The Three Generation Grooming Sensation in the IJA Competition Ring This Fall

“Like mother like daughter” and Jennifer Anders proves “Like daughter like mother” as well.


Since 2013, Nash Academy graduate, mobile van owner of Creative K 9 Designs and competition groomer Jennifer Anders is taking her family tradition of working with dogs to the next level. Since 2012, she has not only trained her daughter to be a bather and junior groomer in her business, but in 2013 trained her mother to work in the business as well.


But that’s not all…..

In 2016 Jennifer’s daughter Madeline at the age of 16 competed in her first dog grooming competition and received the IJA Best First Timer Competitor Award.  It was not until after the competition that we learned she was the daughter of Jennifer Anders.


And in 2017, Jennifer’s mom will join her and her daughter in the IJA Dog Grooming competition ring at the Pittsburgh Pet Expo. In 2017, Jennifer mom attended an IJA Championship Training Workshop and State Qualifying Competition and placed 2nd, demonstrating the talent of the family and the teaching abilities of Jennifer Anders. Quote: “My biggest accomplishment, the wins and placements that I have gotten are fabulous and I am so honored, but I would have to say my biggest accomplishment is the invitation to be on the model dog team and compete representing the USA” – Jennifer Anders


“When You Believe It, You Achieve It”


In 1994 Jennifer graduated from Nash Academy, she has worked as a groomer, salon owner and in 2011, was inspired by a Wag N Tails Mobile grooming unit at a dog grooming competition in Atlanta. YES, just one look and she was hooked. Jennifer placed her order for a mobile van that day. By May 2011 Jennifer was a mobile grooming van owner.


Since this time, Jennifer continues to run her business and she gladly takes her daughter Madeline along for the ride. Since the age of 10, Madeline has spent her spare time, outside of school, right there with her mom. She has learned to effectively handle the dogs, bath and dry them and enjoyed it so much she decided to work as a bather in 2012. She continues to learn the basics of grooming and in 2016, Madeline decided it was time to “Step Into The Ring, and Do Her Thing”- All for the Love of Dogs” with IJA.

Madeline received Best First Timer Award at this show at the age of 16The Nash Academy graduate and dog lover who had a vision to now spend her days with animals and run a successful business but to inspire others to do the same.


First her daughter and now in 2017, her mom will join the world of dog grooming competitions at the Pittsburgh Pet Expo.

“ You Can Go All The Way With IJA In The USA - All for the Love of Dogs”