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Su Wen Sheng (Frank)

As a professional instructor, Frank demonstrates the skills and shares his experienced knowledge in pet grooming with his students and trains them to acquire more new techniques as his career mission. He enriches himself by learning and expects to put his training to good use to the education. It not only benefits the apprentices after they have achieved their goals, but also able to expand his business career. He believes by doing this, it’s able to give whoever wants to join the pet industry more positive energy.



Master’s Degree of Executive MBA of National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences


Current position:       
  • Judge of International Judges Association

  • Judge of World Grooming Association

  • Vice Board Director of Taiwan Pets Care Development Association

  • Lecturer of Pet Grooming Department of Chung Hwa University of Medical Technology

  • Lecturer of Department of Pet Grooming of Meiho University

  • Lecturer of Business Management

  • Proprietor and Instructor of Dida Pets Grooming Academy

  • Supervisor of Kaohsiung Pet Commerce Association

  • Judge of Vocational Training Project of Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor

  • Council in Pet Industry of Kaohsiung City Animal Protection Office

  • Judge of Pet Grooming Certification at home and abroad   

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