Competition System


The International Judges Association continues the formation of state competition teams in the USA to participate in State, Regional and National IJA Sanctioned Competitions in the 2019 competition year. Competitors have the opportunity to continue on their quest to be the best and step on the international stage with the IJA World Wide Country Challenge. 
Join this fun and fabulous competition series by submitting your state team application today. 
State Team Captain Qualifications

The state team captain oversees all state team members. The captain must be a leader and great team player with excellent organization, negotiation and communication skills to assist their team in bringing home the gold in State, Regional and National Competitions.

State Team Co Captain Qualifications

The state team co captain assist the team captain with the numerous and various responsibilities and tasks required by the state team captain to move the team in a progressive manner during the competition year. 

Position: How to Submit: State Team Captain

Future state team captains and co captains submit your applications now to IJA for this once in a life time opportunity to be a great leader in your state and in our industry. Time to take your team to the top. 


Approval Process: How Does It Work?

IJA Advisory Board reviews application to confirm all required information is complete and approves the state team captain and co captain. The IJA advisory board consists of show promoters, judges and competitors. 

State Team Captain and Co Captain Responsibilities

Study - Know - Understand

All state team captains and co captains must study and understand all about IJA events, rules, policies and procedures relating to the state - regional - national and international competition series. Yes we have to get it right when we are the leaders of the pack!


Organize - Participate - Events

State team captains and co captains organize and participate in events with other state team captains and competitors to prepare state teams for Regionals and Nationals. 


Secure and Supply Competition Dogs

Great competition dogs result in wins when it comes to live dog competitions. To be the best you must have the best competition dogs for your team! Captains must work directly with team members, breeders, competitors and other state team captains to secure competition dogs for all state team members.

Search and Find and Secure Sponsorship

The state team captains secure and promote local and state sponsorships to assist with overall expenses connected with competing on the national stage. Captains also play a huge role in promoting events to encourage and secure industry sponsorship.


Secure and Maintain Accurate Team Member Information

State Team Captains are responsible to secure all required information from state team members to complete team processing procedures.


Collect Required Deposits and Fees

State Team Captains are responsible to secure all deposits and fees from team members  required for all competitors.


Team Expenses - National Events

The state team captain must secure sponsorship to pay for logo, banner and uniforms. 


Venue Qualification Competitions
The facility to conduct the qualification competitions can be a grooming salon, grooming school, boarding and day care center or a facility designed to accommodate the bathing, drying and styling of the competition dogs.  

Securing Dogs for Competition Team
The IJA State Team Team Captain assist in securing competition dogs for their state team members to create a successful team. 

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Apply now for state captain and start to form your state team today.

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