2019 IJA Sponsorship 

A place for EVERYONE to give and be recognized for their support!

IJA thanks you big time for your continued support for our dog grooming competitions with certifications and continuing education in the art of bathing, grooming and styling man's best friend. When we say you help us take our shows from great to spectacular, we mean it, and recognize that without your support these events are not possible! To show our appreciation, our commitment is to promote you in a big way in the USA and around the world as we travel on our international championship tours for live dogs and model dogs.


Location for Shows in 2019 Competitions with Certifications and Education
Ohio, March 2019

New Orleans, May 2019 

Pennsylvania, November 2019 

International Team Events
USA Model Dog Pure Breed and Creative Styling Team Competitions 

USA Canine Styling Specialist Competition Team - Live Dogs 


We can’t do it without YOU!
IJA and Nash Academy is dedicated to promoting education in our industry. We believe we do it best by encouraging our competitors to strive to reach higher levels of expertise to receive recognition for their quest to be the best. 
The result of our educational events are best evaluated by the success of our competitors and how they continue to be all that they can be with IJA and receive international recognition for their achievements.
The sky's the limit when we put our heart in it. 
The IJA Team



IJA Emails

Your Logo on our IJA Emails takes you where we go. We post your company logo on our promotional IJA emails. The number and type of emails your logo appears on is based upon level of sponsorship.


IJAonline.com Website Connects the World to Your Website

We list your company logo and information about your products, equipment and tools on the main menu under Sponsors. All sponsors are listed to recognize their support but we take it to the next level and list sponsors by live dog competitions and model dog competitions to give you maximum exposure.  


Nobody Does It Better on Facebook than IJA

If you follow us on Facebook, you know we are the best when it comes to promoting our sponsors. Yes, we appreciate all your support and we show it by posting photos of our team members and individual groomers using your products, equipment and tools, telling the industry about your support.


Banners in Competition Ring

In case you haven’t noticed our competition ring continues to grow with every show, giving our sponsors plenty of space to display their banners. Big and small, send them all and we will display them in our ring. Don’t forget to send us updated banners to keep your image looking brand new.

Products - Equipment - Tools - Trophies - Medals Displayed Front of Ring

Our team is dedicated to giving sponsors the recognition you deserve by placing all prizes, trophies and medals at the front of the ring to promote your sponsorship throughout the show! Yes, we are different from the rest and we think we promote you the best!



Sponsors commit to be a Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Brass level. The choice is yours! If your sponsorship includes  products, tools and equipment, the value is based on retail pricing.



Companies commit to a full year of sponsorship or to a specific show. Money, prizes, products, equipment, and tools are sent 60 days before date of show and shipped to Nash Academy, 855 Lane Allen Rd, Lexington KY 40504.  



Sponsors can commit to many different types of awards at IJA Sanctioned Events. Our mission is to recognize all the different types of talent and expertise that we see at our events with special awards for professionalism, safe and gentle handling, best first timer award and the most improved competitor.


NATIONAL SHOWS 2019 - Qualifying and Ranking Events

Live Dogs and Model Dogs - IJA Sanctioned Qualifying and Ranking Competitions with a Certification by Coat Types for Pure Breeds - Free Style, Rescue Me and Creative Competitions.


Live Dogs - World Championship Competition Challenge

Mission - The USA Canine Styling Specialist Team, Top Ten Competitors, will travel around the world to challenge different countries in the art of bathing, grooming and styling man’s best friend. First international competition will take place in April, 2019, in South Korea. The USA Canine Styling Specialist Team will challenge the Korean Kennel Club Canine Styling Specialist Team.


Model Dogs - World Championship Competition Tour

Mission - The teams will travel the world on the IJA World Championship Model Dog Tour. The USA Model Dog Team consists of the Fabulous Five in Pure Breed Model Dog Styling and the Fabulous Five in Creative Model Dog Styling.  In 2017 the team competed in the USA, the first stop of the tour and then traveled to South Korea in the spring and Taiwan in the fall of 2018.


Please review our list of special prizes, competitions and drawings. If you are new to IJA Sponsorship, we appreciate all levels of support.  You can give Gift Certificates, Products, Tools, Equipment and Monetary Awards. Please keep in mind as you review the list of awards the number of times your company name and product is announced and recognized at a show! If you sponsored with IJA in 2018 and would like to commit to the same sponsorship, just confirm with our team at hello@ijaonline.com, and we thank you in advance! 


John Nash Memorial Awards

These are very special awards we present at all IJA Pet Expo Competitions in memory of the late John Nash, founder of the Nash Academy and co-founder of IJA.

John Nash Rescue Me Special Safe and Gentle Handling Award

This award is presented to a competitor from the Rescue Me Competitions who has exhibited outstanding safe and gentle handling. A special product or tool is recommended for this prize.

Prizes Per Year: 4 shows with 1 award per show equals 4 total.

John Nash Professionalism Award

This is all about image and awarding the person who would be best to represent our industry in a video or cover of a magazine. Great opportunity to introduce a new product or tool. Perfect for salon team uniforms and aprons. 

Prizes Per Year: 4 shows with 1 award per show equals 4 total.

All Competitors are Winners Gift Bag

All competitors receive a gift bag at each show. Samples of your products or gift certificates are perfect for this sponsorship. 

Prizes Per Year: 4 shows with 40 competitors per show equals 160 total.

Early Bird Special

This is a great award to receive a lot of attention. Prizes are announced during best in show.

Prizes Per Year: 4 shows with 1 award per show equals 4 total.

Best First Timer in Show

This award is presented to a new competitor who excels in the ring. Encourages more competitors to enter the ring to show off their skills and expertise. Many of these competitors are new to industry and really appreciate new products and tools.

Prizes Per Year: 4 shows with 1 award per show equals 4 total.

Most Improved

Award is presented to the competitor who has shown the most improvement from previous shows in the competition year. Great opportunity to introduce a new tool to a seasoned professional.

Prizes Per Year: 4 shows with 1 award per show equals 4 total.


Trophies Medals Certificates

Your Name Engraved and Saved in Time 

Trophies, Medals and Certificates are a great way to keep your company in the spotlight for a very long time. 


If you sponsor IJA Trophies, your name is engraved on the plate to save the date that you supported and sponsored the show. 


Sponsor with our IJA Medals to get to the heart of the competitors. We know and you know competitors wear medals around their neck and on the back your name will be etched. So each time they glance down to remember the thrill of the win, you name will always be with them. 


Sponsor IJA Certificates and get maximum exposure because everybody gets one! IJA presents participation and special achievement certificates for competitors to take back and hang on their wall of fame. Clients, family and friends see your name when they read all about the win. 


  • Fee Per Show Trophies $600 x 5 shows includes National Championship State Team Competitions in Pittsburgh 

  • Fee Per Show Medals $200 x 5 show
    Fee Per Show Certificates $200 x 5 shows

Qualifying Competitions with Certifications with Education
The core of the IJA Competitions competitors qualify for pure breed, free style, rescue me, creative and model dog teams. 
Purebreed & Freestyle Competitions LIVE DOGS

Many experienced competitors enter pure breed and free style classes to qualify for their state team to compete in nationals and eventually qualify for the USA Canine Styling Specialist Team. This competition is the perfect place to award special products and tools you want the industry to talk about. Best in show is the place to go in this class for maximum exposure. Best in class and placement prizes gives you daily promotion with lots of action photos of competitors receiving prizes. Please Note: Additional or extra prizes not awarded for regular placements are presented to recognize  individuals and for special drawings. Extra prizes are also used to award 4th place if there are only 4 competitors in a class.  Yes, this is the IJA Way....Compassion for Competitors and the Competition Dogs!


Pure Breed and Free Style - Best in Show

Best in Class Level 3

Best in Class Level 2 and Level 1

Rescue Me Competitions LIVE DOGS

Our IJA Rescue Me Competitions are the talk of the industry and nobody does it better with our concepts “ no dog left behind” and “a place in the ring for all levels of expertise.”  You can make a difference to help find homes for sheltered pets by awarding prizes to encourage more competitors to step in the ring all for the love of man’s best friend. Go all the way with IJA and sponsor Best in Show and Best in Class, and if you can take the next step and sponsor placements.  


Rescue Me - Best in Show

Best in Class

Short & Sassy

Furry & Fabulous

Stacked & Styled

Creative Competitions LIVE DOGS

IJA Sanctioned Creative Competitions rock and always create a lot of attention. If you have the products and the tools to accommodate this sector of the industry you need to be here. Our best in show gets lots of coverage at the show and afterwards on social media. Best in show is the place to go with your bigger prizes and best in class and placements is where it’s at for the smaller items. Everything goes at this show!


Creative - Best in Show

Best in Class - In the Ring and Out of the Ring

In the Ring

Out of Ring

Competitions for MODEL DOGS

The Model Dog Competition is sweeping the nation and it was certainly an international sensation at the first team competition in the industry conducted at the Pittsburgh Pet Expo in 2017. Competitors will compete to qualify for the USA Model Dog Team. If you want coverage in a big way, go all the way with IJA to receive maximum exposure in the USA and around the world.


Model Dog - Best in Show

Best in Class

Pure Breed - Poodle

Pure Breed - Terriers

Pure Breed - All Others

Creative Creations Competition MODEL DOGS

Is it a dog? Is it an owl? Is it superman? In case you haven’t noticed, model dog creative creations are sweeping the nation on social media and in the press and we predict it will be the hottest competition sensation in 2018. Don’t miss the opportunity to get your product in front of those in the know by sponsoring best in show.  


Model Dog - Best in Show  - Out of Ring

Best in Class

Creative - Abstract, Persons, Places and Thing​

Creative - Animals - Real Life and Imaginary

Creative - Gardens, Flowers, Birds and Bees

Purebreed and Freestyle National Championship Competition
First in the USA - State - Regional and National - LIVE DOGS

Our IJA Sanctioned National Championship Competition in 2018 at the Pittsburgh Pet Expo will be another big time sensation and will draw lots of attention on a national and international level. The Best Canine Styling Specialist State Team will be award and the Top Ten Competitors to form the first USA Canine Styling Specialist Team will be announced. Get the most for your sponsorship with the competition.


Pure Breed and Free Style - Best Individual in Show​​

Pure Breed and Free Style - Best State Team in Show

Pure Breed and Free Style - Top Ten Canine Styling Specialists in the USA

Best in Class

USA Model Dog Team Championship Tour Sponsorship

Join us to support our team on their quest to be the best in the Model Dog World Championship Tour. The first stop was Pittsburgh 2017 and our USA Team rocked. The tour will continue in 2018 to South Korea in April and Taiwan in November. Our team needs your financial assistance to pay for travel and hotel expenses. Show you care and commit to the USA Model Dog Team. Your sponsorship will be promoted big time and listed our our website, emails and on facebook. Support the team with your products and tools to use in the ring to get great exposure on an international scale.

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