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Show & Tell Competition Seminar


IJA and THE NASH SYSTEM announces the New & Unique 

Show & Tell Competition Seminar Events

Watch and listen as the superstars in the dog grooming competition arena create beautiful trim styles and creative creations on live dogs and model dogs during onsite competitions designed for seminars. 

Reserve VIP Seating in the Ring and be part of group discussions with question and answer sessions with the competitors. After the competition, the judges will show, tell, and justify their placements with competitors and participants in VIP Seating in the Ring. 

This will be one of the best educational experiences in your career, says Tanya Slater! How often have you sat ringside, wishing to get closer and ask the key questions to understand how to achieve the correct expression on pure breed trims or why you band sections of hair to achieve the perfect creative creations. We believe we have designed the ultimate teaching and learning experience with our CompetitionSeminar and are excited to make the first one happen in Columbus!

It is an excellent opportunity for our expert and specialist level competitors. They are the winners, the current superstars in the industry with the knowledge of the latest and greatest products and tools says, Vivian Nash.

In this unique interactive onsite training session, competitors will share their knowledge with VIP attendees as they create a live dog or model dog piece of art. The superstars will show you why, when, where, and how they achieve the correct body types and profiles, head types, and expressions on pure breed and free style trims. Creative competitors will share their secrets to color and shapes and wow the crowd.

Competition Rules Policies and Procedures

Competitors will follow the same rules, policies, and procedures for the competitions except for the time frame to complete their work that IJA will extend one hour to give time for discussions with questions and answers. The seminar time frame is four hours with breaks.

At the end of the competition seminar, the attendees and judges choose the best teacher and the best-finished trim and place the rest. The IJA Show & Tell Competition Seminars will be one of the most intense learning experiences for the competitor and seminar attendee in your career.

We want to thank our sponsors for donating products, tools, and equipment for the competitors to use in our show and tell competition seminars. 

VIP $199 Seating Inside the Ring at the Competitors Station

Limited VIP Seating available. Reserve your seat now.

Fifty percent of the CompetitionSeminar fees paid by attendees are awarded to competitors for their placements and the best teacher award for sharing their knowledge and expertise.


Support your favorite IJA competitor and register for the first competition seminar presented at the Nash System of Pet Care Education Summit at the IJA Show at the Columbus Pet Expo, March 11- 13, 2022.  

Competitor Competition Entry Fee $99

Competitors must be active IJA members and ranked Level 3 Expert or Level 4 Specialist on the trim style to participate in the IJA Show & Tell CompetitionSeminar. All competitors must pay the competition entry fee to maintain the integrity of the competition. The entry fee for the competition seminar is $99.00.

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