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Rescue Me


Individual and the IJA Groom Bowl Teams


Competition Dogs

 1. Do I have to provide my own dog?

No rescue dogs are provided by local rescue groups. IJA attempts to secure dogs from rescue groups who attend expo but when that is not possible outside groups and foster families are considered.


2. How do I know what type of dog I will receive?

Dogs are evaluated by panel of judges and placed in category by size, coat type and coat condition. Competitors draw from 3 class categories determined by their expertise. For example, a competitor with bathing experience can draw from category designed for bathers. Number of dogs in each class category, however, cannot be guaranteed because judging team is not aware of size and coat type  until rescue groups check dogs in before start of competition. For example, after rescue groups check in and dogs are evaluated the majority of dogs may consist of short coated dogs.


It is important to note IJA makes all efforts to provide dogs according to the 3 class categories or job positions, however due to availability of adoptable dogs in local areas, some competitors may be placed in another class category. For example, a competitor who selected Stacked and Styled, may need to be moved to Furry and Fabulous



Short and Sassy - Designed for Bathers and junior competitors

Short, Smooth, Rough, Nordic Coat Types that require bathing, drying and brushing are placed in this class category. This is the perfect class for the beginner or student.


Furry and Fabulous - Designed for Groomers and intermediate competitors

Medium Long, Long and Flowing, Nordic Rough and Rough Coat Types that require bathing, drying, brushing and a silhouette tidy are placed in this class category.


Stacked and Styled - Designed for Stylists and experienced competitors

Curly, Wire, Long and Flowing Coat Types that require bathing, drying, grooming and styling are placed in this class category.


3. How do I receive my dog for the completion?

There will be quick DRAWS for the rescue dogs   –  FAIRNESS ALL THE WAY WITH IJA. The dogs are separated by coat type to allow for the beginner to most advanced to participate in rescue me competitions. Table assignment in ring will be based on time frame for completing dogs, type of competition class and size of dog.


4.  Can I groom a rescue dog in any style or do I have to groom to the breed style?

You can groom rescue dogs in any style. Your objective is to create the cutest and sweetest expression and profile to make pet families at the show want to adopt your competition dog.


5.  Can I add ribbons and bows on my rescue dog?

Go for it and put your heart in it! You can add ribbons, bows, feathers, polish and bandanas to make your competition the cutest in the ring. 

6. Are all dogs in the competition ring adoptable?

IJA makes all efforts to ensure every dog in the ring is adoptable since our philosophy is Big and Small, Find A Home For Them All". Rescue groups are confirmed weeks in advance but the number of dogs provided cannot be confirmed until several days before the show. If a dog on the list is adopted several days before the competition, IJA will allow the dog to be placed in the competition.



1. Do I have to bathe and dry my own dog? How Much Time Do I Have?

Yes you have to bath your own dog. You will be assigned a maximum time frame to bath and dry and a time frame to use bathing and drying facilities.


2.  Are there bathing facilities?  What is the set up for bathing?

There will be mobile vans set up next to competition arena to make your job easy.


3.  How much time do I have? How is it calculated.

Bathing time is determined by type of dog, coat length and size. Competitors will be assigned a maximum time frame for bathing and drying.


4.  When Can I use the bathing area?

Competitors will be assigned a time frame to use bathing facilities.


5. Do I have to bring my bathing supplies?

A wide selection of shampoos, conditioners, dematting products, finishing sprays, cologne, ear cleaner, ear powder and more are furnished. IJA platinum sponsor and the official sponsor for all IJA Rescue Me Shows in the USA, Biogroom is always a part of every show.



1. Why type of drying facilities will be available? Do I need to bring my own dryers?

There will be a separate drying area next to  vans.


Supplies to calm the pets during drying will be supplied.Thank you sponsors for helping make this a wonderful experience for the competitor and the competition dog. You are the greatest.


Happy hoodies will be supplied for all dogs to wear during the competition, sponsored by Happy Hoodie. Canine Calm sponsored by Earth Heart is provided to alleviate any stress or anxiety. IJA is setting new standards in all of our Rescue Me, Rodeo Round Up Dog Grooming Competitions to place the comfort of dogs first and foremost– All for the LOVE of dogs!


Grooming Tables

1. Will grooming tables be furnished? Do I have to bring my own?

At IJA Rescue Me Events in the USA 3 sizes of grooming tables are provided, thanks to Nash Academy in partnership with Ryan's Pet Supplies. You may be required to bring a grooming arm and clamp. You will be advised via email 2-3 days prior to event.


Grooming Supplies

1. What are the competitors required to bring to the event?

Please bring a full tool kit so that you have all the tricks of the trade to make your dog look fantastic. Make sure you have a SAFETY  LOOP and a SAFETY LEAD. Bring your clippers, scissors, combs, brushes and toenail clippers.


Grooming Attire

1. What should I wear for the competition? Should I wear a grooming smock?

Professional attire and looking "bathed - groomed - styled" is a must for competitor in competition arena to create most professional appearance. Remember you are the superstars and this is your time to shine. Don't forget to use your passion and compassion to audience as well as your skills!


Contest Ring Assistant

1. Can I bring an assistant to help hold the dog?

IJA offers a special opportunity for bathers, groomers, stylists and grooming school students to participate as a contest buddy.


Contest buddies are there to help out in ring. If you know someone who would like to help or if you have an assistant, ask them to contact IJA. Member is listed as a Competition Buddy on site. This is one of the most important responsibilities in the IJA Sanctioned Rescue Me Competition!


Arrival Time

1. When should I arrive and check in?

Competitors should arrive as soon as Pet Expo opens to be prepared to check in for competition. Check in times are listed on competitions schedule.


Check In Time

2. Where do I check in?

Competitors should check in at IJA Check In Station.


Departure Time

3.   What time is the competition over?

All competitions are over when Best in Show is awarded. Check Show Promoter Reference for Best in Show Awards.


Awards Time!

1. When is the best in class awards presented?

Best in class awards are announced and presented at the end of each class.


2. When is the best in show awards presented?

Best in show awards are announced and presented at the end of the show on Sunday.

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