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Rescue Group General Information


What is a Rescue Me Competition:

The Rescue Me Competition is a Grooming Competition hosted by International Judges Association (IJA). It is our moto that "NO dog is left behind". This is a great opportunity for the Rescue Groups to get their dogs in the eyes of the public in hopes that they will find their forever home. It is also a great opportunity for the groomers in the industry to enter the ring and show their skills off for prizes but is also a great way to network within the dog community. 

How does the Rescue Me Competition Work:

Rescue Groups bring their dogs the day of the competition, we check the dogs into the ring, groomers draw dogs depending on the category they preregistered for but this may change depending on the types of dogs that we were able to get for the event. Once the groomer has drawn their dog they start the grooming process, this is everything from nails to anal glands to deep down de-shedding to fancy minor creative designs. As the groomers are grooming they are being judged on multiple things: Gentle Handling, Professionalism, the level of difficulty for the dog and the groom.  We are every where they are, always being monitored by one judge or another. One the competition is over, the dogs will be released as soon as after pictures are taken. If the dog can be left in the ring for placement announcements that is great but not mandatory. 

Rescue Group Responsibilities:

  • Dogs must be up for adoption

           We will be asking questions about the dog at checking. Age, Breed, Dogs Story- how did he/she end up in Rescue. 

  • Dogs must arrive on time for the competition

           8:00 AM - 9:00 AM Rescue Groups Check in Procedures (Saturday and Sunday - Pittsburgh Pet Expo)

  • Dog must have kennel and up to date vaccinations.

           IJA will have a few kennels available for use. 

  • You do not need to have a booth at the show to participate in the dog grooming competitions.

  • IJA understands that you may not know the number of dogs that you will have available at the time of the show. We are not looking for a number at this time, just a confirmation of your participation.

What is in it for the Rescue Groups:

Grand Prize to A Rescue Group Employee - Education

All rescue groups have the chance to WIN the $8900 Nash Academy Dog Grooming Diploma Program for a staff member.

Please email com or email Tedra Edwards at for more information or to advise that your rescue group is on board again this year.

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