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IJA Qualifying Competitors receive more than just a placement in our ring!

  • Competitors receive the wonderful and exciting prizes, awards and trophies donated by our sponsors!

  • Competitors receive a score and rank with a detailed evaluation for each entry with before and after photos.

  • Competitors receive judge makeovers after the competitions.

  • Competitors can apply entries toward trim styles required for coat type certifications.

  • Competitors can apply entries toward trim styles required in diploma programs.

  • Competitors can qualify for state, regional and national competition teams!


Pure Breed - Free Style - Creative - Rescue Me - Model Dog Competitions

Our series of qualifying ranking and scoring competitions are the core of IJA with certifications and evaluations for competitors as well as best safe and gentle handling and most professional awards. These competitions give everyone the opportunity to qualify for a state team, international live dog or model dog team and our newest rescue me competition team.


Your products, tools, equipment, certificates and monetary prizes recognize, award and encourage our competitors to be the best. Help us to set higher standards in our industry by promoting education through competitions.

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