IJA Show at the
Pittsburgh Pet Expo 2021

November 12 - 14, 2021
Featuring the return of the
3rd annual IJA GROOMBOWL
  • Compete in live dog or model dog competitions.

  • Compete in pure breed, free style, or creative classes as individuals or team members.

  • Create your own state team or create your own best friends team.


The choice is yours and the options are endless!


Qualify for the IJA Top Ten Team for live dogs or model dogs and compete on the international stage around the world for career-changing experiences. 


"What the Judges Look For"

Join our elite team of judges for their traditional What the Judges Look For using the competition dogs from the weekend. Watch judges transform expressions and profiles on dogs using their elite skills and canine knowledge.


Rescue Me

Compete in the famous IJA Rescue Me Competition with the concept of “no dog left behind” and classes for everyone. Help find homes for sheltered dogs in the Short and Sassy for Bathers, Furry and Fabulous for Groomers or Stacked and Styled for Stylists.

Rescue Me Goes to Team Event

The IJA Rescue Me Competition goes to a team event in 2021 to create the safest rings for both the dogs and the competitors. “This brilliant idea from Tanya Slater helps keep everyone safer and creates a more positive experience for the dog and the competitors when working with sheltered pets,” says Vivian Nash. The new team event in the rescue will also train, teach and show outstanding handling skills by some of the top professionals in the industry.


Friday Meet & Greet Gathering

Stop by to say "hello" and introduce yourself to the vendors and the IJA and Nash Team.  


IJA Sponsors, this is the last IJA event of 2021. Contact Rocco Lamanna to reserve your booth with the IJA discount!


Sunday Awards & Farewell Dinner

Attend the Sunday Gala to close the show and competition year with the IJA and Nash team, judges, competitors, sponsors, vendors, attendees, and your families and friends. 


Be there to support and congratulate when the top ten traveling teams for live dogs and model dogs are announced. Support the IJA team, judges, and competitors for their outstanding achievements and recognize Nash Academy graduates and instructors for their big-time accomplishments throughout the past year. 


Thank sponsors and recognize your favorite. Congratulate industry legends for their years of dedication and the differences they made by their accomplishments.


*New VIP Registration*
Pre-register July 1, 2021 - August 1, 2021

IJA will offer a pre-registration for individuals and teams to secure their space in the ring as well as secure seating during competitions and the award dinner for family and friends.

*Secure your space in the ring. 

*Secure ringside seating during the competition for family and friends.

*Secure a table and confirm the menu for the Sunday Awards Dinner.

IJA GroomBowl State Team Competitions

 Level 2 or Higher Requirement

  • Live dog state team Competitions

    • Pure Breed & Free Style Requires 4 Members

    • Creative 1 Member

  • Model dog state teams

    • Pure Breed & Free Style Requires 4 Members

    • Creative 1 Member



Create Your Dream Team!

  • Live dog state team Competitions

    • Pure Breed & Free Style Requires 4 Members

    • Creative 1 Member

  • Model dog state teams

    • Pure Breed & Free Style Requires 4 Members

    • Creative 1 Member



Live Dog 

  • Pure Breed and Free Style Competitions

  • Creative Competitions


Model Dog 

  • Pure Breed and Free Style Competitions

  • Creative Competitions

The IJA Model Dog Artist Silent Auction
Adopt a Model Dog at the IJA Show at the Pittsburgh Pet Expo


The Model Dog Team Competitors can choose to take completed model dogs back to their salons to display their works of art or choose to be a part of the Model Dog Artist Auction - Adoption Event. 


The talented and creative model dog competitors will create beautiful and intricate works of art at the IJA show at the Pittsburgh Pet Expo November 12 -14, 2021.


Their masterpieces will be displayed during the three-day event and images displayed in the IJA Model Dog Virtual Art Gallery. 


The artists and their model dog art will be a part of the dog grooming competition history so to purchase or own a piece will be a great treasure. All pieces will be signed and dated by the artist. The model dog art can be preserved and showcased in protective display cubes. 


How Does it Work?

  • Competitors sign up for the auction during registration or check-in.

  • Competitors' names and a bidding sheet will be placed with dogs.

  • All Model Dogs are signed by the artist.

  • Bidding begins at $99 each.

  • The highest bid takes the model dog.

  • Money paid for model dogs goes to the competitor who created the masterpiece.


Model dog grooming and styling was brought back to the industry in 2016 by Vivian Nash, owner of the Nash Academy Dog Grooming School and IJA, the International Judges Association for Dog Grooming Competitions. 


“After visiting schools in Asia and seeing the type of training they were able to accomplish using the model dogs, I knew we needed model dogs in the Nash System to train students and we need to incorporate them into IJA to create the ultimate training tool via competitions,” says Vivian Nash.


“The industry has since exploded with model dog competitions and education around the world,” says Tanya Slater. “I remember all the slack we got from some industry leaders about using model dogs for training but they have all come around and in fact endorsing them as education tools”. 


IJA conducts the World Championship Model Dog Competition Tour each year for the top ten model dog competitors to participate on the international stage. 

The tour started in the USA at the Pittsburgh Pet Expo and traveled to South Korea, Taiwan, Puerto Rico, and the next stop Australia in 2022.


If you are interested in competing in our model dog competitions or hosting a model dog training event or competition, contact us at hello@ijaonline.com.