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The IJA SHOW at the Pittsburgh PET EXPO keeps getting Bigger and Better!

IJA Sanctioned National Championship Competitions will take place at the Pittsburgh Pet Expo November 15 - 17, 2019. Top-ranking state teams return and new state teams form to prepare to take home the gold and the prestigious title of the Best State Grooming Competition Team in the USA. 

Creative Styling Classes added to Pure Breed and FreeStyle Classes for Live Dogs!

THE GROOM BOWL, the super bowl of the grooming competition world will offer competitions for the pure breed and freestyle plus creative styling classes presenting great opportunities for creative competitors in the USA. Can you imagine a creative trim from every state!!! 

Model Dogs Added to Competition Options

But that is not all this year! Model Dog Pure Breed and Model Dog Creative Classes will be offered. Not mandatory but optional for the teams. State teams can now train with model dogs to improve pure breed profiles and then choose the best member to represent their team at the national championships. If you are not on a state team, not too late to be a part of something great! Get involved now. Represent your state in the national championship arena in November! Contact Us Hello@IJAonline contact us now!

Competition Classes for State Teams at National Championship Competitions - THE GROOM BOWL

Pure Breed - FreeStyle - Creative on Live Dogs

Pure Breed - FreeStyle - Creative on Model Dogs

Dress-Up Awards Dinner with IJA and Nash

The show will host the Awards Dinner to recognize IJA TOP DOGS in the industry and competition world. IJA Best in Show Awards for the GROOM BOWL, the National Championship Competitions, will be presented to Best State Team, Competitor with Best Groomed Dog and Best All-Around Competitor. 


The IJA Top Ten Live Dog Competitors and Top Ten Model Dog Competitors will be announced to represent the USA on the international stage in 2020. 

Nash Academy

The Nash Academy of Animal Arts, the show promoter for IJA Shows in the USA, will join the celebration to recognize graduates and team on outstanding achievements in the industry. To celebrate the 40th-anniversary teaching pet lovers to be professional bathers, groomers, and stylists, a presentation to remember the late John Nash, founder of the Nash Academy of Animal Arts, will be presented with memories since 1979!


International Judges Association Presents Fun and Friendly Competitions for all Levels of Expertise at Every Show

Rescue Me Competition Classes

Our rescue me competitions are motivated by the concept of no dog left behind so we make it easy and fun for everyone including new competitors to participate to find forever homes for sheltered pets. 

All rescue dogs are evaluated and placed in class by coat types to separate technical skills requirements to create classes for bathers, groomers, and stylists! From short to long-coated, from big and small, we love and want them all in our competition. 

  • Short and Sassy designed for Bathers with smooth, short, medium smooth and Nordic coated dogs. 

  • Furry and Fabulous designed for Groomers with rough Nordic and medium long-coated dogs.

  • Stacked and Styled designed for Stylists with curly, wire and drop coated dogs.

Contest Rules for Rescue Me Competition

Contest Schedule for Rescue Me Competition


Pure Breed and FreeStyle Classes

IJA offers competitors the opportunity to use a pure breed or a mixed breed to create the required trim styles for the coat types. Competitors receive credit for their entry in the Multitude, Sporting, WIre, and Curly Coat Trim Styles Certification.


IJA Places Competitors In Levels by Scores and not Wins in our Pure Breed and FreeStyle Classes.

The evaluation level was implemented 3 years ago and everyone loves it. No more question about where you belong in a competition. 

If you have not competed in a competition or not competed with IJA, you enter the Evaluation Level. When the competition is finished, the judging panel evaluates the competition dogs and places them to be judged with other entries at the same level. 

  • Level 4 Specialist - Elite Class International Competitions

  • Level 3 Expert - Class A Competitions

  • Level 2 Master - Class B Competitions

  • Level 1 Novice - Class C Competitions

Contest Rules for Pure Breed and Free Style

Contest Schedule for Pure Breed and Free Style

Creative Competition Classes for Live Dogs

In the Ring and Out of the Ring classes to let your creativity run wild on man’s best friend. Creative artists apply your magic to the canine coat adding color, decorative coat art, and unique coat designs. Fantastic opportunity for beginners that are intimated about getting in the ring for the first time! Register now for a fun and creative weekend.

  • In the Ring competitors complete at least 50% of the trim style 

  • Out of the Ring competitors complete 100% of the trim style and present the creation to the judges to evaluate.  

Contest Rules for Creative Styling Classes 

Contest Schedule for Creative Styling Classes

Model Dog World Championship Qualifying Competitions

Enter Just for Fun and Designed for Everyone! Take the dare to showcase your skills and flair in the competition arena when all variables are equal and fair in the new and exciting IJA Model Dog Competition Class.  


Classes each day for competitors who want to compete for fun or win a place in the USA Model Dog Team. Compete in Pure Breeds and FreeStyle or Creative Styling Trims. 


To find out more about how you can become one of the team members for the USA Model Dog World Championship Competition Tour, contact us at hello@ijaonline.com. To order your model dog and replacement wigs go to Nashcollection.com. IJA Members receive a discount on model dog mannequins and wigs.

Contest Rules for Creative Styling Classes 

Contest Schedule for Creative Styling Classes

IJA Members-Only Benefits - Competitors Receive more than a Placement in our Ring

  • Competitors receive a detailed evaluation, rank, level, title and before and after photos of each entry.  

  • All competition entries are applied toward the UCCS Certification by Coat Type and included in the entry fee.

  • All entries are eligible for judge make over. 

  • All entries can be used to qualify for live dogs or model dog competition teams! 


Nash Academy Dog Grooming School - THE NASH SYSTEM OF EDUCATION

  • The Nash Academy awards the Nash System of Education online education to all IJA Classes. Education for the beginner to the most advanced.

  • Nash offers seminars, lectures, demonstrations.

  • Hands-on training to teach technical skills and how to create symmetry and balance with correct expressions and profiles using the Nash System of Education.

  • Earn a Nash System Diploma in the Ring. All competition entries are applied toward trim styles to complete diploma requirements. 


Universal Canine Specialist on Safety Certifications Presents...

If you work with man’s best friend, you owe it to yourself and the pets you work with each day to complete the UCCS Safety Certifications. Designed for bathers, groomers, stylists, salon managers, and salon owners to prepare for state licensing utilizing the famous Nash System of Education.

  • Canine Specialist on Safety SOS Certifications

  • Salon Specialist on Safety SOS Certifications 

  • Technical Skills Specialist on Safety SOS Certifications 


IJA in the USA and Around the World Update

The IJA Top Ten Team traveled to South Korea in April to participate in events presented by the Korean Kennel Club. Model dog competitors travel to Puerto Rico in September to compete at the Groom Blast with model dogs and our IJA Judges travel to India in October to oversee the IJA Event presented by our show partners ABK Imports. In November all roads lead to the IJA Show at the Pittsburgh Pet Expo for the 2nd National Championship Competitions, THE GROOM BOWL, the super bowl of the grooming industry.  

Show Team & Show Partners

Nash Academy, Nash Pet Salon, Nash System of Education, Nash Approved, International Judges Association for Dog Grooming Competitions, Universal Canine Certification System, World Groomers Association, Korean Kennel Club, ABK Imports unite to bring events to you! 

State Qualifying Competitions for Live Dogs

IJA Sanctioned Dog Grooming Competitions conducted at Pet Expos are qualifying classes for state teams. Championship Training Competitions conducted at salons and schools are also qualifying competitions with focused hands-on training. Contact  hello@ijaonline.com for more information. 


Big Time Thanks to our 2019 sponsors! All of our favorites are back as well as new ones to motivate and celebrate your success! A special shout out to our sponsors for their support for our shows, their fantastic prizes and motivation for all competitors.

BIG SHOUT OUT TO ALL IJA SPONSORS FOR THE 2019 COMPETITION YEAR... You Rock Our Show and the World with your Generosity!



We can't conduct our famous Rescue Me Competitions without our van sponsors! Thanks so much! IJA would like to recognize and thank Sonya Patterson with Groom and Zoom Mobile Grooming for furnishing a place for seven consecutive years for the rescue dogs to be bathed. Her commitment to finding homes for sheltered animals is demonstrated by her attendance and generous donations each year to the IJA SHow at the Pittsburgh Pet Expo. Last year Sonya stepped to the plate to arrange for more time to prepare the dogs. Thank you!


Thank you Nash Academy for your continued support of the IJA Team to organize and conduct the show to create the ultimate education experience in the competition arena and for the continued education in the wonderful world of taking care of man's best friend. 


Everyone from IJA thanks our best in show and class sponsors for their wonderful gifts year after year. 

Platinum Sponsors

Gold Sponsors

Silver Sponsors

Bronze Sponsors

All Competitors are Winners Gift Bags

Safety and Compassion in the Ring Sponsors


Thank you for sponsoring one of your elite team members to judge and participate in our IJA Show. You are the best of the best. 

 General Show Information

 Show Location: Pittsburgh, PA

 Pittsburgh Pet Expo

 David L. Lawrence Convention Center

 1000 Fort Duquesne Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA 15222, USA

 Pet Expo Director, Expo & Event Production

 Mr. Rocco Lamanna

 Email: rlamanna1@hotmail.com

​ Phone: 1.724.416.7176


 Courtyard Pittsburgh Downtown

 945 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15222, USA

 Phone: 1.412.434.5551

 Other Pet Friendly Hotels

 Cambria Hotel & Suites Pittsburgh

 Hilton Garden Inn Pittsburgh

 Hyatt Place Pittsburgh North

 Double Tree by Hilton Pittsburgh

 Ace Hotel Pittsburgh

 Show Promoter: Nash Academy

 857 Lane Allen

 Lexington, KY 40504

 Kim Royalty

 Email: kim@nashgroomingschool.com

 Phone: 859.277.7217

 IJA President: Vivian Nash

 857 Lane Allen Road

 Lexington, K 40504


 Phone: 859.277.7217

 IJA Event Planner: Christina Cheak

 Email: info@ijaonline.com

 Phone: 1.888.491.2064

 IJA Registration: Christina Cheak

 Email: hello@ijaonline.com

 Phone: 1.888.491.2064

 ​IJA Rescue Coordinator: Tedra Edwards

 Email:  tedraedwards@gmail.com

 Phone: 1.319.371.6987

​ IJA National Judging Panel  

Jonathan David

Tedra Edwards

Lisa Leady

Shannon Moore Tupes

Cindy Oliver


 IJA International Judging Panel 

Randy Yoo, South Korea  

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