Nash Academy Dog Grooming School, the International Judges Association for Dog Grooming Competitions and the Universal Canine Certification System partnered together to conduct a fabulous event. Everyone learned, laughed and loved IJA in the USA with fun and friendly competitions for all levels of expertise.

Rescue Me Competition Results

Rescue Me Competitions are the heart and soul of the IJA Sanctioned Competitions and they just keep getting bigger and better with our competitors who love dogs and show it, and thanks to all of the adorable sheltered pets. Larissa Katilina from Canada stood out from the rest and was presented the John Nash Rescue Me Special Award for Outstanding Safe and Gentle Handling Skills. Our Best in Rescue Me Competition was awarded to Amanda McMillian also from Canada.


Best In Show Rescue Me Competition: Amanda McMillian

Best Safe and Gentle Handling in Rescue Me Competition: Larissa Katilina


Saturday Rescue Me Best in Class and Finalist for Best in Show was awarded to Amanda McMillian

Saturday Furry & Fabulous

1st Jolene Downs

2nd Rhonda Snyder

3rd Susan Walters

4th Madeline Brown

Saturday Stacked & Styled

1st Amanda McMillian

2nd Country Branden

3rd Larissa Katalina

Sunday Rescue Me Best in Class and Finalist for Best in Show was awarded to Krista Creekpaum

Sunday Short & Sassy

1st Brittaney Glass

2nd Sydney Lambert

3rd Heather Styers

Sunday Furry & Fabulous

1st Christina Paxinos

2nd Samantha Heroux

3rd Jessica Tucker

Sunday Stacked & Styled

1st Krista Creekpaum

2nd Amanda McMillian

3rd Denise Mahon

Pure Breed and Free Style Competition and Results

Many competitors achieved Level 3 status or higher in the Pure Breed and Free Style arena and qualified for their state team and will compete at the first IJA Sanctioned National Championship Competition in 2018. Our Best in Show Pure Breed and Free Style Competitor Tracy Schumann did it best and Pure breed and free style competitors stepped into the ring and were all dressed to impress. One of our most talented competitors in the contest arena Katelyn McDonough did it best and walked away with the special John Nash Professionalism Award. To find out more about state, regional and national competitions go to IJAonline.com under competitions.


Best in Show Pure Breed and Free Style Tracy Schuman

Best in Show Most Professional Image Katelyn McDonough


Friday  Pure Breed - Free Style  Best in Class and Finalist for Best in Show was awarded to Tracy Schumann

Friday Level 1 and Level 2

1st Krista Creekpaum

2nd Brenda Borders

3rd Amanda Mac Millian

Friday Level 3

1st Tracy Schumann

2nd Larissa Kalinia

3rd Stephanie Stempfer


Saturday Pure Breed - Free Style  Best in Class and Finalist for Best in Show was awarded to Stephanie Stempfer

Saturday Level 1 and Level 2

1st Christina Paxinos

2nd Ryan Marie Thornsberry

3rd Brenda Borders

Saturday Level 3

1st Stephanie Stempfer

2nd Stephanie Palmer

3rd Katelyn McDonough


Sunday Pure Breed and Free Style  Best in Class and Finalist for Best in Show was awarded to Stephanie Stempfer

Sunday Level 1 and Level 2

1st Ryan Thornsberry

2nd Brenda Borders

3rd Katie Lynch

4th Rhonda Snider

Sunday Level 3

1st Stephanie Stempfer

2nd Katelyn McDonough

3rd Tracey Schumann

4th Stephanie Palmer


Creative Competition Classes

In Ring and Out of Ring Creative Competitions entries are growing with more talented people showing their expertise in the art of creative styling. In Ring and Out of Ring gives our seasoned and novice competitors the opportunity to shine.


Best in Show Creative Competition Jolene Siebeneck

Sunday In the Ring

1st Jolene Siebeneck

2nd Justine Cosley

Sunday Out of Ring

1st Janice Trzeciak

2nd Pamela McKittrick

3rd Amanda McMillian


Sponsors Rocked and it Showed at our Show

A big shout out and big time thanks to our sponsors because we cannot do what we do without you! Competitors love our shows because of you fantastic prizes.


Mobile Van Sponsor - 5 Years

We must recognize Sonya Patterson with Groom and Zoom Mobile Grooming for furnishing 2 vans at our show for 5 consecutive years - all for the love of dogs.


Pet Expo Director and Event Production

Mr. Rocco Lamanna, you are the best of the best. Thank you for all you do for our event that separates us from the rest. If you are a rescue group or would like to secure a booth to sell your pet products, equipment and tools, please contact:


Westin Convention Center and Hotel, your team is the greatest when it comes to accommodations and organization.


Show Promoter Nash Academy and IJA President Vivian Nash, your innovative ideas and dedication to conduct the most organized and fair competitions in the world is recognized and appreciated by all.

IJA Registration, Event Planner and Marketing Team, we thank Tanya Slater, Christina Cheak and Denika Cluett for your long hours and hard work to make this event a success.


IJA Rescue Coordinator Tedra Edwards, nobody does it better at a rescue event. Thanks from all the rescue pets.

IJA Team Director of Judges Trudy VanArsdale thank you for your time and effort to keep the show on schedule and documenting competition results. Your dedication to IJA and making our shows a success and the best in the industry is appreciated.  


Rescue Organizations

This is another time to recognize the hard work work, dedication and love of dogs by the rescue organizations that participate in our events. Together we make a difference in taking care of man’s best friend. .  


IJA Judging Panel

Big thank you for your determination to conduct the most fair competitions in the industry using a panel system of judging.  Your expertise and experience shows and is greatly appreciated. 

Diane Betelak - USA

Jonathan David - USA

Tedra Edwards - USA

Shannon Moore - USA

Mavis Hao - China

Byoung Hwan You(Randy)  - South Korea

Frank Su - 蘇文盛 Su Wen Sheng  - Taiwan