IJA Crown Events Onsite Competition

Jackpot $10,000

Run for the rosette!

The IJA Crown Competition Classes will be offered at three IJA Sanctioned Competitions in 2022. 

  • Lexington, Kentucky May 14th, 2022: First - Second - Third Place

  • Houston AKC Show August 2022: First - Second - Third Place

  • Pittsburgh Pet Expo November 2022: First - Second - Third Place (Dates to be confirmed April 2022)

Competitors will be judged the IJA way and scored on Technical, Profile, Difficulty, and Professionalism. 

Entry fee: $129.00 for each location. Only 1 entry is allowed per location.

IJA Judges will award a first, second, and third placement for the three Crown Classes for a total of nine placements.

First Place receives 3 points

Second Place receives 2 points

Third Place receives 1 point

Competitors can earn 18 points from the placements from the three shows! 

The competitor with the highest number of points wins the $10,000 IJA CROWN JACKPOT. 

If we have a tie, the competitor with the highest combined technical, profile, difficulty, and professional certification level and score wins the $10,000 Crown Jackpot!  

If the same competitor takes best in class in all three Crowns Competition Classes, they win the IJA CROWN TRIFECTA PURSE. The Crown Trifecta Purse is for competitors, judges, friends, family, hometown, and industry businesses to sponsor this fun and exciting event. If no one takes the 2022 Trifecta Purse, the funds will continue to grow next year.


The IJA Crown Competition Classes will be open to all competitors and judges except the IJA Onsite Crown Judges.

  • All trim styles and all breeds, including mixed breeds, are permitted. 

  • Nails, pads, and sanitary may be pretrimmed. 

  • Face and feet may be pretrimmed on Poodles. No additional time will be permitted to trim face and feet.

  • ALL dogs will receive a total of 2 hours. A 15-minute Johnnie Break will be 1 hour after the competition starts.

The run for the roses and the IJA Crown Jack Pot will be one of the most exciting and rewarding and recognized worldwide.

Live Dogs 2022 Results
Placements for the Crown Class: IJA Show at the Lexington, Kentucky:  To Be Announced!
Placements for the Crown Class: IJA Show at the Houston AKC ShowTo Be Announced!
Placements for the Crown Class: IJA Show at the Pittsburgh Pet Expo: To Be Announced!
Attention Everyone!
Support our onsite Crown Competitions packed with education: competitors, judges, friends, family, businesses, and industry manufacturers. Big or small, we appreciate all donations. 
Good Luck to Crown Competitors in 2022.
Vivian Nash & Tanya Slater
IJA Crown Events Lexington, Houston, Pittsburgh

IJA Crown Judges

To Be Announced!

Houston Schedule Coming Soon.