IJA Virtual World Grooming Competitions


Groomers worldwide compete in the IJA LIVE DOG and MODEL DOG Online Grooming Competitions with Certifications and Evaluations.


Show off your technical skills and dog knowledge by participating in our new and exciting competitions with certifications featuring evaluations and ratings based on the International Judges Association scoring system!


The competitions will feature the new online evaluations designed to teach, train and test bathers, groomers, and stylists worldwide.

The elite panel of IJA Judges completes the evaluations and placements. 


Competitors can enter their competition dog to win the best individual competitor in the show and enter the same competition dog in one or all team competitions offered by IJA. 


The IJA World Championship Virtual Competitions, offered in the first, second, third, and fourth quarters award finalists for the Best in the World Title and Rank!

Competitors participate in the pure breed, freestyle, and creative styling competitions for live dogs and model dogs. Best in class and best in show winners are finalists for best in the world title and rank presented at the end of the 2021 competition year. 

Model Dog Creative

Model Dog Purebreed 

Live Dog Creative

Live Dog Purebreed

Live Dog Freestyle

To submit your entry or entries, you will need to complete the Registration - Submission form. Each entry will require 6 photos. 

  1. Before Side

  2. After Right Side

  3. After Left Side

  4. After Top

  5. After Front

  6. After Rear

  7. Final Presentation (stacked, side view with competitor in photo)

  • Enter as many classes as you wish!

  • Each entry must be on a separate form.

  • All 7 photos must be submitted to be considered for placements. 

Class Rules