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Our events are fun, exciting and for all levels of expertise and covering all aspects of taking care of man's best friend.

Live Dog Events
Our live dog events include all pure breeds and all mixes of breeds-- no dog is left behind with IJA in the USA! Our competitors create show trim styles, pet trim styles and creative trim styles on live dogs. 

IJA BRAGGING RIGHTS  State Team Members Katelyn Smith with the IJA Pennsylvania State Grooming Team and Mindy Dinwiddie with the IJA Michigan State Grooming Team.  Congrats for a wonderful competition year and we look forward to seeing you in 2019. 


Model Dog Events
IJA offers model dog competitions. Why? Because they are the best tool for scissoring skills training and applying color and coat decorative art. Perfect to practice pure breed expressions and profiles. Amazing tool to learn how to achieve unique salon and creative trim styles. The best way to practice balance and symmetry.

IJA BRAGGING RIGHTS  IJA World Champions Best in Show USA Model Dog Team!  Congrats to Best in Show Creative and Best in Show Pure Breed Model Dogs! First time team  takes both World Championship Titles! 










All members have access online to view their evaluations, before and after photos, special invitations and other documents issued by IJA. 

We work in unison to bring the BEST to our members. From the beginner to the most advanced.

CREDIT in the SYSTEM NEW for 2019
Members receive credit for all competition entries, all seminars attended, all hands on workshops attended, all online classes and other events attended toward certificates and diplomas issued by the Nash Academy, the Nash System of Education, the International Judges Association and the Universal Canine Certification System. 

CREDIT out of the SYSTEM
Members also receive credit from previous certifications and diplomas issued by other organizations to prevent members being required to duplicate testing for a certification. 



The IJA Evaluating and Scoring was developed by Vivian and John Nash, co founders of IJA. The system has been applied worldwide since 1998, creating and maintaining the first in the ring trim style certification by coat types in the industry.

Just think about it, Members! Your skills, talent and knowledge about the canine and the art of bathing, grooming and styling man's best friend with professionalism are evaluated against an international standard that has been set for over 21 years!

Reach the Top in all Trim Styles by Coat Type Certifications
Reach the Top in all SOS Specialist on Safety Certifications

IJA BRAGGING RIGHTS USA Model Dog Team Members Jennifer Anders and Misty Nuss at the 2nd stop of the World Championship Model Dog Competition Tour in South Korea April 2018. Amazing work with just a few months practice to go up against the best teams in the world, styling model dogs. 


National Stage 
All members have the opportunity to travel in the USA to compete in state, regional and national competitions to be the best and win best in show titles in the USA.
All members have the opportunity to achieve top dog status in their hometown in local championship training workshops with competitions and certifications.

International Stage
All members have the opportunity to travel and compete on the international stage with IJA to achieve the highest accomplishment in the IJA System. 

The choice is yours with IJA!

















What you Receive for YOUR ENTRY FEE 
Your entry fee for a competition with certification or a championship training competition and certifications

All your competition or certification dogs are placed in coat type categories utilized by the Nash System of Education, the Nash Academy of Animal Arts, the Universal Canine Certification System and the International Judges Association for Dog Grooming Competitions. All use the same terminology and you received credit with all three toward certificates and titles. 

Trim Styles by Coat Type Certifications with Titles, Ranks and Levels
Canine Styling Specialist Level 4 Rank and Certification Title
Canine Styling Expert Level 3 Rank and Certification Title
Canine Styling Master Level 2 Rank and Certification Title
Canine Styling Novice Level 1 Rank and Certification Title
Learn more about Coat Type Certification

All competitors are evaluated during the competition on overall professionalism with a focus on safety for the pet and the professional in the competition arena. The first safety in the ring evaluations will take place at the Columbus Pet Expo, March 8 - 10, 2019. Your IJA Universal Canine Certification System - All for the Love of Dogs - First in the Ring Certification

SOS Specialist on Safety Certification with Title, Ranks and Levels
Canine Safety Specialist Level 4 Rank and Certification Title
Canine Safety Expert Level 3 Rank and Certification Title
Canine Safety Master Level 2 Rank and Certification Title
Canine Safety Novice Level 1 Rank and Certification Title
Learn More About Scoring System

Reach the Top in All Coat Type and Safety Certifications in the Competition Arena with IJA Certifications to be Top Dog in your home town and the best in the USA!

Reach the Top in All Coat Type and Safety Certifications in the Championship Workshops with Competitions with Certifications. All members have the opportunity to travel with IJA.

Trim Style Certification
Your competition dog is placed in a specific coat type category and a specific trim style category to be applied toward coat type certifications. 

Entry Benefit: Your competition dog is evaluated by your certifying judge to determine your score, rank and level for the coat type and trim style certification.
Entry Benefit: You can access to review or print your evaluations from the competitions and the championship training workshop competitions.
Entry Benefit: Your competition dog trim style by coat type can be applied toward the trim styles required for the Nash Academy Diploma Program. 

Prizes - Nash Online Courses
Nash Academy has donated online education courses as prizes at all IJA Sanctioned Competitions to prepare all of our members for state licensing. Nash sponsors the foundation courses to be a Pet Care Professional as well as a Professional Bather, Groomer and Stylist. 

Entry Benefit: The prizes donated from Nash for online courses can be applied toward the online courses required for a Certificate or Diploma Program. 

Safety Certification
First time in the industry IN THE RING SOS Safety Certification offered in the IJA Ring.

Entry Benefit: You are evaluated on your overall professionalism with a focus on safety for the canine and the professional during the competition - certification time frame. Yes, this is included in your entry fee.





Before and After Photos 
Competitors receive access to evaluations and before and after photos of all entries, sorted by competition year and by IJA Shows, with evaluations from IJA Championship Training Workshop and Competitions. 

Entry Benefit: You receive a before and after photo to use for promotional purposes and for education, to compare the before and after yourself, or to submit to others to give you suggestions and evaluations. A great learning tool!
Entry Benefit: You can use your before and after photos in our online courses for training your eye.

IJA BRAGGING RIGHTS Before and After Photos of Lis De Souza, the IJA State Team Captain for the Wisconsin State Grooming Team. Congrats to a beautiful and successful 2018 competition year and best of luck in 2019!


Continuing Education 
Entry Benefit: You can attend the competition dog makeover by the judges at no charge at the IJA Shows.You also receive points for your continuing education in the trim styles by coat type certifications. 

IJA BRAGGING RIGHTS  Industry icon Cheryl Purcell conducts Competition Dog Make Over by Judging Team














All competitors receive an overall rank and level which are posted on the website. All rank and level for individual entries are placed in individual competitor file and viewed from the website. Click here for more information






Members receive All Competitors Are Winners Gift Bags with Great Products and Gift Certificates at each Competition Event. Members receive great prizes at the IJA Shows from industry sponsors. Products, Equipment, Tools and Special Gift Certificates and Discounts for Members Only of IJA in 2019.  

The Nash Academy donates their famous online classes as placement prizes as well as competitor gift bags. Earn Certificates and Diplomas in the Nash System and receive credit for your entry fee toward trim styles required for the Diploma Programs with your online prizes.

Enroll at the Nash Academy online and complete your trim styles in the ring or at one of our championship training event. We share and give credit where credit is due to prevent repeating the same type of requirements for various types of industry certifications. 

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