Mardi Gras Pet Expo Grooming Competition


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The IJA Sanctioned Competitions & Regional Show Offs

Mardi Gras Pet Expo

Bring Family and Friends

 Competitions for all levels of expertise. From Expert to New we have competitions designed specifically   for you!   Pure breed to creative to model dogs to our famous Rescue Me Competitions, the IJA SHOW   offers it all at the   Columbus Pet Expo.

 Qualify for Your State or National Competition Team
 All state team members must be ranked a level 2 or higher. Qualify during the competition for your   state team to   compete in IJA Sanctioned National Championship Competitions at the GROOM BOWL.   The Super Bowl of the dog   grooming industry.  Compete and receive your score and rank. 

 Education for the beginner to the most advanced. Seminars, lectures, pure breed demonstrations and   hands on   technical skills training sessions conducted by our IJA Team. IJA Judge Makeover is available   Saturday after the   competition. Anyone who would like one on one time with the judge in the ring.....   this is the time for you. 



 IJA is powered by the Nash System of Education and leads the way in promoting and encouraging safety in all   aspects of working with man's best friend in the ring and out of the ring.

 Tammy Colbert, IJA Judge and Specialist on Safety for the Pet and the Professional, will conduct IN THE RING Safety   Certifications at IJA Shows at Pet Expos to set a national standard for in the ring safety for the competitors and the   competition dogs. 

 Competitors receive evaluations on their PROFESSIONALISM in the ring along with their scores and ratings for their   certification by coat types. Professionalism Considerations: Safety, handling, tools, products, equipment, sanitation   and overall image as an individual representing our profession in the wonderful world of bathing, grooming and   styling man's best friend. 

 The IJA Certification Division will offer certifications in canine safety for anyone and everyone working with man's   best friend. Specific certifications for bathers, groomers, stylists, salon managers and salon owners to prepare for   station licensing.  

Come Join The Fun We Have a Competition Class For Everyone!

 We promise you a fun and fabulous time with competitions with coat type and safety certifications all included in   your entry fees. Join our IJA Judge Makeover on Saturday after the competition.  Find out what everyone is talking   about. Cost is included in your entry fee! 

Pure Breed and Free Style Classes

              Evaluation Level - Attention New IJA Competitors !!!!
 IJA qualifies and places all competitors in a level of knowledge and expertise to create the most fair competition   arena as well as certify professionals in the art of bathing, grooming and styling man's best friend. The evaluation   level has been designed for new competitors to enter the competition arena to be evaluated and placed in the   correct level by our qualifying panel of judges.

 IJA conducted the evaluation level for 2018 and received great reviews. Takes the pressure off competitors choosing   a level. 

              Level 1 Novice and Level 2 Master 
 Levels 1 and Level 2 judged together for 2019. When competition classes grow at every show in 2020, levels will be   judged separately. Stay tuned in!

 Designed for beginners and novice bathers and groomers to enter the exciting world of dog grooming competitions.   Perfect for seasoned competitors to work on their skills to achieve the expert level of expertise. 

              Level 3 Expert
 Designed for Expert Level 3 competitors to showcase their talent and skills in all phases of bathing, grooming and   styling the canine and to qualify for state, regional and national competitions.

 IJA offers Pure Breed & Free Style along with Model Dog competitions every day. All breeds are offered in the Pure   Breed class every day to give everyone the opportunity to compete with their best breeds. 
 Because our competitions are also used for qualifying events for state teams, competitors can compete all three   days with a Poodle to achieve the highest score.  

Rescue Me Competition Classes

               Short and Sassy 
 Smooth and short coated dogs; designed for bathers and novice competitors.

               Furry and Fabulous
 Double coated and medium coated dogs; designed for groomers and intermediate competitors.

               Stacked and Styled
 Curly, Wire and Drop coated dogs; designed for stylists and expert competitors.

 Classes for Bathers, Groomers and Stylists
 Competitions dogs are placed in categories by job position to make it easy for everyone from the beginner to the   most advance to enter the right class. 

 The IJA Rescue Me Competitions are the perfect place for beginners, students and graduates right out of school to   enter the Short and Sassy or the Furry and Fabulous classes. Make a difference today for a different tomorrow for a   sheltered pet.

Creative Styling Competitions - Live Dogs

In the Ring and Out of Ring Entries 
The Always Changing, The Always Crazy and Colorful 
Wonderful World of Creative Styling 
Live Dogs Pure Breeds and Mixed Breeds Welcome!


 Creative styling competitors you can celebrate today! IJA stepped to the plate to offer Creative Styling Competitions   for live dogs and make it optional for state teams! You are invited to Nationals

 Join or Create Your State Team - Don't Miss Out!

 If you are a creative competitor and want to start a state team contact If you want to set up   training for live dog creative contact We will connect you with the best!

 IJA second National Championship Competition conducted at the Pittsburgh Pet Expo in November 2019 with state   teams competing just got more colorful and creative!  IJA added creative competition classes for state team   members. This opens the doors for the creative competitors in the USA to be part of a competition series with   national play offs. 

 Creative Goes State Team
 The IJA Sanctioned Creative Styling Competitions just skyrocketed with the IJA News Flash creative classes offered at   the 2nd National Championship Competition in Pittsburgh in November in 2019. Creative team members are   optional for teams.

 In the Ring and Out of the Ring classes are offered to let the imagination and creativity of competitors run wild on   man’s best friend. Watch artists apply their magic to the canine coat by adding color, decorative coat art and   sculpting unique and beautiful coat designs.  

                      In the Ring Option 1: Competitors complete 50% of the trim style in the ring

 Create Coat Patterns & Designs - Create Coloring Patterns & Designs - Create Decorative Patterns &   Designs Competition Dogs 

 Dogs 16 inches and under

 1. Short, Smooth, Medium Smooth Coat Type
 45 Minutes

 2. Nordic, Rough, Rough Nordic, Medium Long, Broken, Scruffy, Tight Wire, Long and Flowing, Loose and Curly Coat   Type
 1 Hour 45 Minutes

 Dogs Over 16 Inches Up to 20 Inches

 1. Short, Smooth, Medium Smooth Coat Type
 1 Hour

 2. Nordic, Rough, Rough Nordic, Medium Long, Broken, Scruffy, Tight Wire, Long and Flowing, Loose and Curly Coat     Type
 2 Hours

 Dogs 20 Inches Up to 23 Inches

 1. Short, Smooth, Medium Smooth Coat Type
 1 Hour 15 Minutes

 2. Nordic, Rough, Rough Nordic, Medium Long, Broken, Scruffy, Tight Wire, Long and Flowing, Loose and Curly Coat   Type
 2 Hours 15 Minutes

 Dogs Over 23 Inches

 1. Short, Smooth, Medium Smooth Coat Type
 1 Hour 30 Minutes

 2. Nordic, Rough, Rough Nordic, Medium Long, Broken, Scruffy, Tight Wire, Long and Flowing, Loose and Curly Coat   Type
 2 Hours 30 Minutes

                  Out of the Ring Option 2:  Competitors complete 100% of the trim style and then bring the creation   to the ring for the judging panel to evaluate.

 Presentation & Performance Time Frames

 All Size Dogs
 Set Up Presentation and Props
 10 Minutes

 Present Final Presentation and Performance
 1 Minute Minimum
 2 Minutes Maximum


USA Model Dog Competition Challenge 

 Model Dogs Pure Breed & Free Style and Creative
 The model dog competition will offer pure breed and creative classes to give competitors the opportunity to step in   the ring and show their ability to achieve beautiful expressions and profiles as well as breathtaking creative   creations.

 Competition to Qualify for Your Model Dog State Team 
 For model dog competitors interested in making state teams and going on to compete in the USA Model Dog   Competitions conducted around the world, this is the place. This is the ring to qualify for the USA Model Dog   Competition Team!  

 Model Dog Competition Added to Nationals
 For the first time IJA will offer a competition class at the IJA Sanctioned National Championships for a model dog   team member to be on the state competition team.

 Most Fair Competition in the World
 All competitors use the same brand of model dogs and wigs. 

 Take the dare to showcase your skills and flair in the competition arena in the new and exciting model dog   competition at the Madri Gras Pet Expo.

Model Dog Pure Breed & Free Style Competitions 

 IJA continues to grow with adding model dog pure breed and free style to the list of competitions for state team   members. This creates opportunities for competitors who do not have access to "show quality" pure breed dogs for   the state team live dog competitions. 


 Free Style

 Poodle Trim Styles times

 Show Trims:  2 Hours 45 Minutes - Competitors must use Show Wig
 Banded Trims:  2 Hours 30 Minutes - Competitors must use Pet Wig
 Salon Free Style Trims: 2 Hours 30 Minutes - Competitors must use Pet Wig

                  Other Pure Breeds in Conformation Trims

 Bichon Frise
 Portuguese Water Dog
 Short Legged Terrier Trims
 Long Legged
 Sporting Trim Styles

 All Other Pure Breed Trim Styles
 2 Hours 30 Minutes - Competitors must use Pet Wig

Model Dog Creative Styling Competitions 

 Model dog creative is in demand and added to the list of competitions for state team members to specialize in to   represent their state at the National Championship Competition - THE GROOM BOWL.... the super bowl of the   grooming competition world. 

 Classes for Model Dog Creative

 Choose the option you would like to register for

                  Creative - Option 1
 No skits, poems, music, and costumes required.

                  Creative - Option 2
 Skits, poems, music, costumes, props and backdrops required on Model Dog Competitions.

 Choose what day you would like to compete

 Day 1 -  Abstract Lines - Shapes
 Holiday Themes


 Day 2 - Animal Instincts - Real and Imaginary
 Animal Instincts Real
 Animal Instincts Cartoon Characters Imaginary
 Animal Instinct Monsters
 Creatures Land - Sea
 Animal Instincts Mythical Creatures
 Animal Instincts Birds, Reptiles and Insects


Day 3 - Gorgeous Gardens Around the World
 Gardens - Jungle
 Gardens-  Desert -African Plains
 Gardens Flowers, Birds,
 Butterflies and Bees
 Gardens -  Tropical Paradise
 Gardens Under the Sea


 Creative Trim Styles Times
 Wrap Wig: 3 Hours
 Show Wig: 2 Hours 45 Minutes
 Pet Wig:  2 hours 30 Minutes
 10 Minutes to prepare costumes and presentation.



 Hotel Information:

 DoubleTree by Hilton
 2150 Veterans Blvd.
 Kenner, LA 70062

  **Dogs are allowed as long as they are competition, certification, demo dogs, or service animals.**


 Other pet-friendly accommodations:

 La Quinta Inn & Suites New Orleans Airport
 2610 Williams Blvd, Kenner, LA 70062
 US Reservations 844-209-2417

 IJA Judges:



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