Founder, Owner and Franchisor  of GORDON Dog Shop Germany and India.

Kristine started her Grooming business in 2008 after taking intensive training lessons over 3 years at former member of IJA Karin Kretschmer’s  Dog Grooming School in Frankfurt, Germany.

Her business was honoured by the major European Dog Magazine  “DOGS” with the Award of the best Dog Shop in Germany. Further on she received the Founders Prize of the German Chamber of Commerce. Several TV shows, magazines and news articles gave her prominence among the branch of industry and many dog owners in Germany.

Although she provides grooming for all breeds her passion include all hand stripped breeds. She owns herself an English and a Gordon Setter. GORDON Dog Grooming’s USP is not to clip any dogs. She and her staff only offer haircuts by hand.

Meanwhile she founded a franchise business of GORDON. Her first branch is running in Pune, India by Veterinarian Dr. Lochana Baney combining skin care and grooming.

In Germany GORDON has also a store for dog accessories and a dog school.

Currently Kristine is writing her first dog grooming book to provide helpful advice to dog owners explaining function and requirement to maintain the dog’s healthy skin and hair.

Kristine is has accompanied Judge Karin Kretschmer to Groom Expo in Burbank in 2008 to gather experience from the world’s best dog groomers. In 2013 she completed an internship at Jonathan David’s Lap of Luxury Dog Spa in Florida.

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