Top Dog Technical Skills Challenge


Best Hand Stripping Artist In Class in the USA and Around the World

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The Hand Stripping Technical Skills Specialists Award 


Strip and Card Your Way to Stardom Showing Safe and Gentle Hand-stripping and Carding Skills with Safety for the Pet and the Professional at All Times 


Wire Coat Types

Time to Take the IJA Technical Skills Challenge and Strip and Card Your Way to Achieve the Title of the Best Hand-stripping and Carding Artist of the Year in the USA!


Hand strip and card your way to stardom showing your elite skills and professional application of the hand stripping and carding tools with safety for the pet and the professional in mind at all times during the technical procedures.  


  • Secure your competition dog on the grooming table in a professional and compassionate manner keeping safety for the pet and the professional in mind at all times. 


  • Utilize your hand stripping tools as a shaping tool to remove coat to create lines and shapes to achieve expressions and profiles.


  • Choose a variety of stripping tools and techniques to trim the coat short to create intricate lines and coat growth patterns.


  • Apply your technical skills using a continuous and fluid movement working around the competition dog creating a visual of completing all tasks with ease. 


  • Consider your best routines and procedures to effectively and efficiently complete each task exhibiting excellent time management and compassion for the pet. 


  • Present a professional workstation with organized and well-maintained tools. 


  • Dress to impress by wearing grooming attire that compliments and enhances the overall visual. 


Sign Up Now to Show Off Your Skills to Complete the Perfect Picture of the Professional and the Pet During the Grooming and Styling Process with 1 Hour 20 Minutes Hand Stripping and Carding Work and 10 Minutes Scissor or Clipper Work


Time Frame: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

1 Hour 20 Minutes Hand Stripping and Carding Work and 10 minutes Scissor or Clipper Work


Judging Considerations

Judging considerations will be on technical skills and application of the clipping tools, handling and interaction with the competition dog during the tasks, and the overall finish achieved at the end of the competition. 


Expression, profile, balance, and symmetry are also judging considerations.


The amount of coat removed as well as the type of trim style achieved will be considered. The difficulty factors will also be considered, however, the trim must be achieved without compromising the safety and handling of the pet and the professional image of the competitor. 


The competition attire, work station organization and sanitation, the condition of tools, and the interaction of the competitor with the competition dog from the start to the finish are part of the evaluation.