Great Indy Pet Expo 2017

Info You Will Want to Know About Our Show

Nash Academy, the International Judges Association for Dog Grooming Competitions and the Universal Canine Certification System did it again at the Great Indy Pet Expo. Yes, we all learned, laughed and loved IJA in the USA with fun and friendly Rescue Me, Pure Breed, Free Style and Creative Competitions designed to recognize all levels of expertise and talent.


Rescue Me Competition Results

Rescue Me Competitions just keep getting better. Our competitors are the superstars and steal the show because they love dogs and they show it. They keep striving to do their best in their quest to find homes for sheltered pets. Our sponsors also play a huge role in finding pets for our rescue competition by donating fabulous prizes to the rescue groups and to our competitors.  Together we are great and make a difference. From all of us to all of you, thanks for your continued support.


Our Best in Show Rescue Me Rodeo Trophy was awarded to Somer Harmon for her outstanding achievements in bathing, grooming and styling a rescue dog. Our Special John Nash Outstanding Safe and Gentle Handling Award went to Elizabeth Hale. Congrats competitors! Your love and passion for dogs shows as your talent and expertise grows. Keep striving to be the best in all facets of taking care of man’s best friend.


Best in Show Rescue Me Competition - Somer Harmon

John Nash Most Safe and Gentle Handling Award - Elizabeth Hale

Saturday Best in Class and Finalist for Best in Show Rescue Me Competition Somer Harmon

Saturday Short & Sassy

1st Richard James

2nd Mandolin Hunt

3rd Laura Bunnell

Saturday Furry & Fabulous

1st Elizabeth Ifft

2nd Alycia Marek

3rd Melissa Melvin

Saturday Stacked & Styled

1st Somer Harmon

2nd Kathie Henschen

3rd Elizabeth Hale

Sunday Best in Class and Finalist for Best in Show Rescue Me Competition Breann Grzegorek

Sunday Short & Sassy

1st Ashley Legree

Sunday Furry & Fabulous

1st Breann Grzegorek

2nd Catherine Callahan

3rd Elizabeth Hale

Sunday Stacked & Styled

1st Carol Basso

Pure Breed and Free Style Competition Results

Pure breed and free style competitors performed with precision and determination to qualify for their state team to compete at the first National Championship in 2018 at the Pittsburgh Pet Expo. To find out more about state, regional and nation competitions go to


One competitor, Misty Nuss, who stood out from the rest was awarded the Best in Show and presented with a beautiful trophy and amazing prizes from our sponsors.  Jackie Bean walked away with the John Nash Most Professional Image Trophy and Most Improved Competitor award went to Cristyn Zloza with Best First Time Competitor Trophy going to Angela Diez. For more info about the show go to


Best in Show Pure Breed and Free Style Competition - Misty Nuss

John Nash Memorial Most Professional Image - Jackie Bean

Most Improved Competitor - Cristyn Zloza

Best First Time Competitor - Angela Diez


Saturday Best in Class and Best in Show Finalist Pure Breed and Free Style Competition Lis De Souza

Saturday Level 1 and Level 2

1st Caitlyn Reed

2nd Jacquelyn Beam

3rd Melissa Siedenstrang

Saturday Level 3

1st Lis De Souza

2nd Sharon Walls

3rd Misty Nuss

Sunday Best in Class and Best in Show Finalist Pure Breed and Free Style Competition Misty Nuss

Sunday Level 1 and Level 2

1st Caitlyn Reed

2nd Angela Dietz

3rd Jacquelyn Beem

Sunday Level 3

1st Mist Nuss

2nd Cristyn Zloza

3rd Lis DeSouza

Creative Competition Classes

In the Ring and Out of the Ring creative competition classes are growing and showing many competitors love the art of creative styling. With our In the Ring and Out of the Ring entries we provided a place for everyone in our contest arena. Our Best in Show in the Creative Styling Competition was awarded to the very talented and creative specialist Jolene Siebeneck. Congrats on your very colorful, creative creations! 


Best in Show Jolene Siebeneck


Best in Class and Finalist for Best in Show Creative Competition Jolene Siebeneck

Sunday In the Ring

1st Jolene Siebeneck

Sunday Out of Ring

1st Cheryl VanGundy

2nd Sara Angstadt

3rd Carol Basso

IJA Competition Sponsors 

Thank you to our sponsors who supported the show with so many fantastic prizes. Your great gifts motivate our competitors to continue their education in their chosen profession. I hope you know we cannot do what we do without You! 


Mobile Van Sponsor

We recognize Smoochie Pooch for providing their van to make the rescue me competition possible and also a place for our purebreed and free style competitors to bathe their dogs before the competition. Thanks so much for your contribution to making our show a success!


Rescue Groups

Rescue groups work 24/7 to find homes for pets and we recognize your love of dogs and dedication to their well being. We are honored you participated in our event to help us make a difference. Thanks for being a part of our show!

Great Indy Pet Expo Team

Great show and great people to work with at the Great Indy Pet Expo. We admire your dedication to man’s best friend at your shows, especially for the rescue dogs. Together we make a difference… all for the love of dogs. If you are a rescue group or would like to secure a booth to sell your pet products, equipment and tools, please contact:

Great Midwest Pet Expos

Pet Expo Event Planner

Tessa Fenimore

(515) 777-8801


Show Promoter Nash Academy and IJA President Vivian Nash

Your innovative ideas and dedication to conduct the most organized and fair competitions in the world is recognized and appreciated by all.

IJA Registration, Event Planner and Marketing Team

We thank Tanya Slater, Christina Cheak and Denika Cluett for your long hours and hard work to make this event a success.



Big time shout out to our show photographer and handy man who helps us in all facets of preparing and conducting our event.  Darryl VanArsdale. your help is so appreciated and we hope we show it. 

​IJA Rescue Coordinator

Tedra Edwards, we recognize this is one of the most important jobs at the show and nobody does it better at a rescue event.


IJA Team Director 

Thank to Trudy VanArsdale for leading our judging team for another successful and organized competition. 


Thank you for your expertise and determination to conduct the most fair competitions in the industry using a panel system of judging.  Thank you Kristine for traveling from Germany to participate in our IJA Sanctioned Event.

Tammy Colbert - USA

Lisa Leady - USA

Tedra Edwards - USA

Trudy VanArsdale - USA

Kristine Schirmer - Germany