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Karla Addington Smith, IJA Judge

Eun Kyung Kang (Emily Kang)



Emily started her grooming career in January 2000. She learned the art of bathing, grooming and styling  from a well known pet grooming school in South Korea.


Her 5 most prestigious or achievement in the art of bathing,

grooming and styling are:

 1.Pet Grooming Judge for the Korean Kennel Club since 2004

2. President of Korean Kennel Club's Pet Grooming Subcommittee since 2015

3. Professor of Hyejeon College during 2005 - 2016

4. Participation in Pet Grooming NCS development

5. Participation in Pet Grooming NCS

She has a wide range of breed knowledge and technical skills. She specializes in the Poodle, the Schnauzer, the Dachshund and the Yorkshier Terrier.

Emily have been judging since 2004 for the Korean Kennel Club. She has judged Level 1 - A Class, Level 2 - B Class, Level 3 - C Class the Korean Kennel Club's pet grooming competition and pet groomer qualifying exam.

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