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Double Ring Competition Certification Se


Elite Training Series conducted only by Elite Trainers with the IJA Elite Training Team of Industry Icons Sharing Their Knowledge, Expertise, and Wisdom.


Championship Training Workshop with Mock and Real Competitions in the Grooming Competition Ring and Conformation Ring!


Introducing the most progressive and innovative education series in the industry with the ultimate results plus a certification to confirm your level of expertise! 


Rock Your World

The event will rock your world in the art of styling and presenting the canine in the competition arena, in the conformation ring, and the salon.


Canine Styling Specialist

To be a canine styling specialist in our double ring certification program, you must achieve a specialist level in skills and profiles on the grooming table and with the dog in movement on the floor. 


Certification Rank and Level

Participants receive an evaluation, score, and rank from a Level 1 Novice, Level 2 Master, Level 3 Expert, and Level 4 Specialist. 


Canine Structure and Movement

Understanding canine structure and movement opens the doors to achieving a specialist status in the art of creating perfect expressions and profiles and in the art of safe and gentle handling of man’s best friend. 



The new competition series with certifications will be offered at IJA Shows at the Pet Expos and in salons and schools. 



The IJA 2020 VISION is to take competitors to a specialist rank and title, well versed in all facets of the canine one level at a time. This 3-day event will create industry specialists in the competition world.

Canine Styling Specialist Double Ring Elite Training Series Schedule

FRIDAY - Total Hours 6 - Cost for the day $129

Championship Training Workshop with Mock Competitions with Certifications Featuring the IJA Elite Training Team 


The onsite hands-on training is famous for creating champions!


Step #1

The IJA Elite Trainer takes before photos of the competition dogs and gives competitors suggestions before the mock competition.


Step #2

The IJA Elite Trainer takes the after photos of the competition dogs and completes all competitors' evaluations and placement.


Step #3

The IJA Elite Training Team makes the real magic happen when they take the next step and conduct the famous IJA Judge Makeovers on the competition dogs. The trainer works with each competitor to take their expressions and profiles to the specialist level to create the ultimate picture! No more do you have to take bits and pieces of information from shows and try to pull it all together. That is what only our Elite Team of Trainers do for You! 


* All competitors receive the before, after, and finished photos with an evaluation and certification trim styles by coat type rank and title of a novice, master, expert, or specialist for each entry.

SATURDAY - Total Hours 6 - Cost for the day $129

Session 1 (2 hours)

Real Grooming Competition with Certifications with your  IJA Elite Training Team as the Judge

The IJA Trainer conducts a real grooming competition with certifications, so competitors have the opportunity to apply their knowledge gained from the day before. At the end of the competition, the judge takes after photos and completes evaluations with a level, rank, and title for their trim style certifications by coat types. The IJA Judge/Trainer will place competitors in order. 


Session 2 (2 hours)

Mock Conformation Ring Competition with your IJA Elite Training Team of Professional Handlers

The IJA Trainer will demonstrate how to present the different competition dogs in the conformation ring based on their form and function to achieve the ultimate expression and profile. Competitors will practice presenting and moving their competition dogs and then complete all technical skills required to hide a structure fault or correct a fault created by the styling. 


Session 3 (2 hours)

Real Conformation Ring Competition with your IJA Elite Training Team

The IJA Trainer will conduct a real conformation competition with evaluations and scores to evaluate competitors' knowledge and expertise gained from the training in presenting their competition dogs for a conformation event to prepare for the grand finale. 


SUNDAY - Total Hours 6 - Cost for the day $129

Real Grooming Competition with Real Conformation Ring Competition with your IJA Elite Trainer, Contest Judge, and Handler

The IJA Trainer will conduct the final competitions for the Double Ring Grooming and Conformation Competition Event. 


Now is the time for competitors to shine! Bring the best competition dogs to compete in the grand finale grooming competitions with the IJA Trainer's conformation competitions. Go for the highest rank and title of a Specialist!


Before and after photos will be taken, and the IJA Elite Trainer will complete the trim style certification evaluations and place all competitors in order. 


After competitors are placed in order by their skills and profile achieved on the grooming table, the competitors present their dogs in the conformation contest conducted by the IJA Trainer. 

Evaluations and certification scores are also completed, and placements are awarded to competitors in the art of presenting the canine to bring out the best attributes. 


The finalist for best On the Table and Best and In the Conformation Ring will be judged for the prestigious title of Best in Show in the Double Ring Competition with Certification.

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