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Clip & Snip

Competition Class

1 HOUR Clipping Class

Clip and Snip Your Way to Achieve the

Best Clipper Trim in Class

​All Dogs Allowed!

Sign Up Now to Show Off Your Skills to Complete the Perfect Picture with 50 Minutes of Clipper Work and 10 Minutes of Scissor Work.


Time Frame: 1 Hour 

50 Minutes Clipper Work and 10 minutes Scissor Work


Competitors are encouraged to pre-trim the sanitary,  the footpads, and the face and feet on a Poodle. 

Judging Considerations

Competitors are judged on technical skills application, handling, and the interaction with their competition dogs during the grooming and styling tasks and the overall finish achieved.

Expression, profile, balance, symmetry, and the routine utilized to achieve the trim style are considerations.  The organization, sanitation, and condition are also part of the consideration.

A first, second, and third place will be awarded.


Cordless Clippers Please

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