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IJA Competitor's Membership

Annual Renewal

$150  Special $99


$75 per year


Online Courses

Foundation Courses for Canine Coat

Utilize these courses as your study materials, and when you feel prepared, proceed to the online assessments to attain your certification ranking and level.​

  • Canine Skin and Hair

  • About the Canine Coat

  • About the 20 Coat Types

  • Hair Growth Patterns - Determined and Undetermined Hair Growth

  • Canine Styling Anatomy and Structure

Trim Styles by Coat Types Certifications (Competitions)

  • Coat Types Certification: Trim Styles

  • Coat Types Certification: Technical Skills

  • Coat Types Certification: Pure Breeds​

My IJA Portfolio

Within the International Judges Association (IJA), members can access a comprehensive portfolio of resources and opportunities tailored to their growth and success in canine bathing, grooming, and styling. Here's a closer look at what our portfolio encompasses:

  1. Evaluation and Documentation: All IJA members enjoy accessing their evaluations, before-and-after photos, event invitations, and various documents and certifications issued by the organization. This transparency ensures that members can track their progress and stay informed about significant developments.

  2. Elevating the Industry Together: We unite to elevate the standards of excellence for our members. Our collaborative efforts span events catering to Novices, Masters, Experts, and Specialists in canine bathing, grooming, and styling. Together, we strive to bring out the best in each other.

  3. Credit Accumulation within the System: Members are rewarded with credits for their participation in various activities such as competition entries, seminars, hands-on workshops, and online classes. These credits contribute to certificates and diplomas issued by esteemed institutions, including Nash Academy, Nash System of Education, International Judges Association, and our Universal Canine Certification System.

  4. Credit Recognition Outside the System: To avoid redundancy in testing, IJA acknowledges and accepts credits earned from industry certification organizations. This recognition streamlines the certification process for our members.

  5. Setting International Standards: The IJA Evaluating and Scoring system, developed by Vivian and John Nash, has set an international benchmark since 1998. It serves as the industry's standard for ring trim style certification by coat types, ensuring consistent and high-quality grooming practices.

  6. Opportunities for Growth and Recognition: Members, envision the possibilities! Your skills and knowledge in canine care and grooming are evaluated against the international standards established by IJA over the past 23 years.

  7. Diverse Certification Paths: IJA offers opportunities for members to excel in various trim styles by coat type certifications and become specialists in safety (SOS) with our comprehensive certifications.

  8. Worldwide Accessibility: IJA is not confined by geographical boundaries. Our programs and competitions are accessible on-site and online, allowing members to participate anywhere globally.

  9. Competing on a Global Stage: Our members can compete in state, regional, national, and international competitions, aiming to shine as the best in the USA and worldwide.

  10. Local Excellence: Achieving top-dog status is not limited to grand stages. Members can also reach the pinnacle of success in their hometowns by participating in local on-site and online championship training workshops, complete with competitions and certifications.​

At IJA, we're committed to nurturing your growth and celebrating your achievements in the canine care and grooming world. Explore the diverse opportunities within our portfolio, and let your journey to excellence begin!
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