Bathing, Grooming, and Styling by Coat Types Certification


To be a canine styling specialist you must understand the many variations of the coat types on man’s best friend. 


The coat type dictates what type of products, tools, equipment, and technique to use, in order to properly prep, bathe, dry,  brush and finish grooming and styling the canine. The variations in coat types affect what you do in the 5 phases. 


Specific tasks are started and completed in the prepping, bathing, drying, brushing and finishing phase and other tasks are started during a phase and completed in the final phase. 

Specific coat types require prepping before the bath and others can go right to the bathing phase. 


The coat types dictate the texture of the topcoat, the amount of undercoat, the coat growth direction, whether the coat growth length is determined or undetermined. Determined coat types have natural growth patterns and undetermined coat growth patterns are created by the stylists, therefore coat types dictate the trim style. 


Coat types set standards and procedures for the care of the eyes, ears, sanitary and feet as well as the frequency of the bathing, grooming or styling sessions to maintain the coat properly. 


Certification Objections


  • What are canine shedding patterns?

  • What is a determined coat?

  • What is an undetermined coat?

  • Why does a determined coat pack?

  • Why does an undetermined coat mat?

  • What tools and techniques work best on each coat type?

  • What products are correct to use on the various coat types?

  • What is a natural coat growth pattern?

  • What is a stylized coat growth pattern?

  • What trims styles are in each coat type pattern?

  • What are the grooming schedules for coat types?

  • What coat types have more undercoat?

  • What coat types require weekly care around the eye area?


When you know the answers to all these questions, you will have fulfilled the objectives of this certification. Your certification level, rank, and title are determined by your score.

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