About Model Dog Q & A 

Bringing the Art of Scissoring Back to the USA

IJA and Nash Academy Leading the Way

1. What is a Model Dog? The model dog is a toy size dog with synthetic hair. In addition, the new design of the model dog has replaceable (wig) hair.


2. What is the Model Dog used for in the grooming industry? The dog is designed to teach beginners the most advanced technical skills and create ultimate expressions and profiles on pet and show trim styles.


3. Is the model dog a new product in the industry? No, the model dog has been around for many years. The design has been modified to allow the legs to be moved and the coat to be replaced for training purposes. The new design has a better texture for the “wig” and is more like dog hair.


4. Why is the Model Dog so popular in Asia and not in the USA? The schools in Asia trained thousands of students a year on show and pet trims and required a method to teach the student. Students are required to achieve excellent scissoring techniques and applications during their training.


5. How do I purchase a Model Dog? Nash Collection Online Store sells the Model Dogs with the additional “Wigs.”


6. What are the prices of the Model Dog and the “Wigs.” The price of a model dog varies and is determined by the quality of the model dog. The model dog required for Nash Academy students and the (IJA) International Judges Association for Dog Grooming Competitions is the latest design.


7. Can I use the Model Dog for multiple competition events? After you purchase the dog's frame, you can purchase additional “wigs sets” to cover the dog. The length of the coat determines a pet or show wig. The shorter coat length is considered the pet length.


8. Do I need the training to compete with the model dog? No. After you have applied technical skills to the material and understand how it reacts to the tools, you have completed your training lesson.


9. What do I have to do to study and train to be prepared for the model dog competition? First, study your breed standards for the type of competition and search for the perfect trim styles to reference. Second, attend as many advanced training workshops to focus on creating correct expressions and profiles. Finally, purchase several dogs with the “wigs” or purchase 1 dog and 3 - 4 sets of wigs to work on expressions and profiles.


10. What type of breeds or trim styles are created using the model dog? The most popular are the Poodle and the Bichon Frise. However, you can create many more stylized breeds such as the Kerry Blue Terrier, Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, Sealyham Terrier, and many more.


11. What type of competitions will be offered in Model Dog Competitions? IJA believes our Model Dog Competitions will be one of the most exciting in the grooming industry.  IJA will offer pure breed and free style classes as well as creative.

12. What are the Benefits of using the Model Dog in your School? The Model Dog has so many benefits for the student that it is hard to list them. The Model Dog:

  1. Creates professionals! Creates Safety! Creates Time Management!

  2. Allows the school to train without having the right type breed for the student to practice on. For example, most schools do not have full-coated dogs such as Bichons and Poodles for students to work on, and if they do, they are reserved for the more advanced students.

  3. The best tool to teach scissoring technique and how to create basic trims styles to beginners.

  4. Allows students to practice proper scissoring techniques daily until they perfect the skill.

  5. The best tool to teach how to establish a routine for the many different trim styles.

  6. Perfect for teaching scissor safety to beginners. Students have the opportunity to create many different styles before working on a live dog.

  7. Model Dog training can prevent injury. Students have the opportunity to gain control of their scissors around the feet and pads, eyes and nose, ears, and other sensitive areas such as the tuck up and hock.

  8. Students can work on specific trim styles until they perfect them.


13. What are the Benefits of using the Model Dog in your Salon?

  1. The Model Dog is what all salons need to move their salon to the next level and establish standards in the salon.

  2. The Salon Team can save their masterpieces and place them in plastic cubes to display in your salon for promotion.

  3. You can create multiple trim styles on the model dog and use them to reference your clients.

  4. You can train your salon team on technical skills and procedures to create beautiful expressions and profiles.

  5. You can train a team to compete in IJA Model Dog Competitions.