Powered by the Nash System of Pet Care Education


The most progressive system in the industry with onsite and online courses. Receive access to the Nash System of Pet Care Education online reference library with policies and procedures to establish and maintain a safe environment for the pets and the salon team members. 


For the first time in the pet care industry a First Aid and CPR Certification System 

Cats - Dogs - Humans 

Join Pet Professionals Worldwide Utilizing the Nash System to Set Standards in Pet Care Education with the 3 Hearts Salon Safety Certification Program by Job Positions in the Salon.

About the 3 Heart Safety Certification Program by Job Positions

The certification consists of a combination of onsite and online classes with online reference libraries with charts, policies, and procedures for the salon safety manager and salon team to incorporate to establish a safe environment for the pets and the professionals. 


The system utilizes a variety of teaching methods to incorporate as many different learning methods required to help everyone be the best that they can be in taking care of man’s best friend. 


Online Study with a Class or on Your Own - The Choice is Yours

The online classes are perfect for participants to study and take tests on their own time and at their own pace. The online classes are offered with an instructor with a class discussion and multiple-choice tests or a read and test only. Online classes are open 24/7 anywhere - anytime with online reference books, charts, visuals, overlays, and multiple-choice and essay tests to make it a wonderful educational experience. 



The onsite classes are conducted at IJA Shows at Pet Expos, Schools, Salons and Education Sites to complete the onsite hands-on requirements. The onsite classes are presented with visuals, print outs, charts, posters, and other teaching tools to make learning salon safety fun but challenging. 


Credit for Previous Classes 

The safety certification is powered by the Nash System so all classes previously taken in a program offered by Nash or IJA can be applied toward certification requirements. 


All for the Love of Dogs

The system offers certifications in canine safety for everyone working with man's best friend. Specific certification categories are designed by job positions in the salon for the client relations team, bathers, groomers, stylists, salon managers, and salon owners to join together to utilize the most progressive training system in the industry. Make a difference today for a safer tomorrow.  


Come Join the Safety Classes For Everyone! 

You will discover just how much fun learning about safety in the salon can be with the Nash System of Pet Care Education and our Nash System of Education Elite Training Team.

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