IJA GroomBowl  Rescue Me 

IJA Rescue Me Competition goes to a team event and will be part of the IJA GroomBowl in 2021. 


“To achieve the safest environment for the rescue dogs and the competitors, we need a team event,” says Tanya Slater, daughter of Vivian Nash. Growing up working at Nash Academy and attending industry shows, I know what it takes to find homes for rescue dogs. To give them the best chance of adoption at the expo, we need to provide them with safe and gentle handling and a calm environment. To accomplish this task, we need teamwork!


We asked our IJA Competitors to come to the rescue with their outstanding skills and compassion for man’s best friend and form their teams to make sure the pets are squeaky clean and looking great.


We reached out to our safety sponsors to donate their products for the competitors and the dogs to make it a fun and safe experience for everyone.

  • Vicki Rae Thorne with Earth Heart will donate to make our ring Canine Calm.
  • Happy Hoodies, a long-time sponsor and supporter, will be there for the rescue dogs with their product. 
  • Nash Graduate, Troy Ratliff will feature his Alpha Grooming Products to help secure and support pets.
  • All For Groomers will gift the Best in Show Rescue Me Team with four of The Trach Saver®! 


IJA is bringing in Tedra Edwards, our long-time judge, and coordinator, who has worked closely with the rescue groups in the Pittsburgh area for many years. She will be their contact during the show. 


Denise Mahan, a long-time IJA Competitor in the rescue arena, is local and will answer questions about the event from rescue groups and competitors.


Jorge Bendersky, IJA Judge and superstar of the ABC Show, Pooch Perfect, has joined our team to host the rescue to find homes for the pets and assist Tedra in choosing the best team. 


The IJA Rescue Me Teams will consist of four members. All members will participate in the competition and pay the $99.00 entry fee.


Each team will receive a minimum of three dogs. A fourth dog may be added for bonus points!


  • Short and Sassy

  • Furry and Fabulous

  • Stacked and Styled


Three of the four competitors are assigned dogs. The fourth competitor acts as a team captain and assistant to be there for their team to help secure the pets to maintain the most compassionate and safe environment possible for the sheltered pets. Captains also help their team members bathe and finish the dogs. 


The objective is to create the ultimate visual. The judging considerations are technical skills, overall trim styles, handling, and compassion for the pets. 


Time to create your IJA Rescue Me Groom Bowl Team!

No Team - No Problem


IJA can connect you with other competitors to create a team. 


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